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Mixed-use development is a term used for two related concepts:

In the sense of mixed-use zoning or mixed-use planning, it is a type of urban development, urban planning and/or a zoning type that blends residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or entertainment uses into one space, where those functions are to some degree physically and functionally integrated, and that provides pedestrian connections. Mixed-use development may be applied in new real estate development projects in a city or suburb, or may apply to a single building, existing or new neighborhood, or in zoning policy across an entire city or other political unit.
In the sense of a mixed-use complex, mixed-use project, etc., a mixed-use development refers to "a development" — a building, complex of buildings, or new district of a community that is developed for mixed-use by a private developer, (quasi-) governmental agency, or a combination thereof. A mixed-use development may be new construction, reuse of an existing building or brownfield site, or a combination.

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  1. Like Tony Stark

    Mixed states and total wave function for three-Fermion-systems

    I've already calculated the total spin of the system in the addition basis: ##\ket{1 \frac{3}{2} \frac{3}{2}}; \ket{1 \frac{3}{2} \frac{-3}{2}}; \ket{1 \frac{3}{2} \frac{1}{2}}; \ket{1 \frac{3}{2} \frac{-3}{2}}; \ket{0 \frac{1}{2} \frac{1}{2}}; \ket{0 \frac{1}{2} \frac{-1}{2}}; \ket{1...
  2. S

    Tca mixed with hydrogen peroxide

    A company has made a skin peel made with 33% tca 5% kojic acid and 62% hydrogen peroxide. But you don’t peel. I want to make my own since I can’t afford the product. How do I do it
  3. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci Are mixed LCG and combined LCG same thing?

    The whole problem arouse because there's no authentic local source. One thing that I need to learn is are these both same thing? Or are different? Is combined LCG also LCG or anything can be called combined method? Even our teachers aren't very sure of it(as they were not the ones who designed...
  4. stephen8686

    I Entanglement, Mixed or Pure State?

    I have a source that says when two particles are entangled, we must describe them using the density operator because it is a mixed state. But I have another source that says that the singlet state of two spins is an entangled state, but that has a wavefunction. So could someone explain what I am...
  5. K

    A Mixed versus Pure Quantum States for the Singlet

    I have some basic questions about mixed states and entanglement. 1. Do mixed states always imply that the states are entangled and vice versa? 2. Can mixed states ever be separable? 3. Does interference have anything to do with entanglement? In terms of Density Matrices, ρ = |ψ><ψ|: 4...
  6. MichPod

    I Stern-Gerlach experiment superposition vs mixed state

    Considering SG experiment, it is usually described as if an atom in the end of its path (but before being detected on the screen) is in the superposition state, say, ##|\textsf{spin up}, \textsf{upper path}\rangle+|\textsf{spin down}, \textsf{lower path}\rangle##. Some books (Feynman lectures...
  7. B

    Mixed random variables problem

    I got (a) and (b) but I'm still working on (c). The solutions can be found here for your reference: https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/electrical-engineering-and-computer-science/6-041sc-probabilistic-systems-analysis-and-applied-probability-fall-2013/unit-ii/lecture-9/MIT6_041SCF13_assn05_sol.pdf. But...
  8. I

    I Mixed states from entangled state

    I'm an undergrad in physics, and have been asking myself the following question recently. Suppose you have a pure quantum state p (von neumann entropy=0), made of 2 sub-states p1 and p2 that are entangled. Because they are entangled, p \neq p1 x p2. Hence the entanglement entropy of p (=0) is...
  9. Jamister

    A Heisenberg Uncertainty Relation for mixed states

    How do you prove Heisenberg uncertainty relations for mixed states (density matrix), only from knowing the relation is true for pure states?
  10. P

    Biology How do I calculate the profile frequency of a mixed sample?

    Here an excerpt of my sample. In this case the minor contributors match 100% with a reference sample from a suspect. I am now to calculate the profile frequency to calculate the likelihood ratio. Do I multiply the allele frequencies of both minor and major contributor and use this value as my...
  11. S

    Wood/Glass/Metal Why are two-part wood bleaches mixed before being applied?

    Wood Magazine https://www.woodmagazine.com/materials-guide/finishes/get-the-color-out-with-wood-bleach descibes the chemistry of two-part wood bleaches as follows: Since they neutralize each other, why are the two parts mixed before being applied to wood?
  12. Kaguro

    Mixed method of solving differential equations

    I use the operator method here: (D^2 + D+3)y = 5cos(2x+3) ## y = \frac{1}{D^2+D+3} 5cos(2x+3) ## ## \Rightarrow y= \frac{5}{-(2)^2+D+3}cos(2x+3) ## ## \Rightarrow y= \frac{5}{-4+D+3}cos(2x+3) ## ## \Rightarrow y= \frac{5}{D-1}cos(2x+3) ## At this, if I revert back to write: (D-1)y = 5cos(2x+3)...
  13. P

    Can Mixed Units in Ratios Be Converted and Used Accurately in Calculations?

    I have the solution, but my question is that in my first attempt, I simply calculated a_c = 60^2/150 ignoring the fact that the units for 60 are km/hr and the units for 150 are meters. Is this ever salvageable? Is there any way to retain the 'mixed' units of km with meters in the ratio and...
  14. jk22

    I Mixed topic : from FEM to analytical solution via limits?

    Is this anyhow possible ? The system would be a wave equation modelized by a finite elements basis in space and time. Is there any method to do the limit discretization->continuum with paper and pencil ?
  15. L

    Entropy change for two masses of water mixed adiabatically

    the entropy change for a reversible adiabatic process is zero as it remains constant. Is this a reversible process? assuming T1>T2: hot (h) water has mass M, temp T1 cold (c) water has mass nM, temp T2 let the final temperature be Tf if δQ=0 as the process is adiabatic, |Qh|=|Qc| so Qh=-Qc...
  16. J

    Best place to find bulk old mixed up electronics components

    Hello, Anybody have any good sources of mixed up old electrical components? For example: an old drawer full of mixed up resistors and capacitors; wax caps and jumbled up stuff? I have a HUGE jar that I am trying to fill up with this type of thing for my lab and was just wondering if anybody...
  17. jim mcnamara

    Mixed bag: dietary and supplement interventions on patient outcomes

    This is a meta-analysis. It looks at data sets from other studies. https://annals.org/aim/article-abstract/2737825/effects-nutritional-supplements-dietary-interventions-cardiovascular-outcomes-umbrella-review-evidence For cardiovascular diseases and stroke: this paper shows that interventions...
  18. Haorong Wu

    Can Bloch sphere be used to represent mixed states in quantum computation?

    Well, I have no clues for this problem. Since I can get nothing from the definition of ##\rho##, I tried from the right part. Also, I know that ##\left ( \vec r \cdot \vec \sigma \right ) ^2={r_1}^2 {\sigma _1}^2+{r_2}^2 {\sigma _2}^2+{r_3}^2 {\sigma _3}^2##. Plus, ##\rho## is positive; then...
  19. jk22

    B What Is the Role of Density Matrices in Describing Quantum Mixtures?

    Considering a mixture ##\sum p_i|\Psi_i\rangle\langle\Psi_i|## This does not describe an ensemble of quantum systems since the particle number is defined by ##\Psi_i##. The question is in the continuous wave-mechanical formalism where I don't understand what object the density matrix is : I...
  20. jk22

    A Tsirelson bound and mixed states.

    Could it be possible that using a mixed stated ##\rho=\sum_{i=1}^4|\langle e_i|\Psi\rangle|^2|e_i\rangle\langle e_i|## Where ##\Psi## is the singlet state and the ##e_i## form an orthonormal basis (like an intermediary state),That one could violate Tsirelson's bound if the parameters describing...
  21. DarkMattrHole

    Low noise AC-DC, DC-DC switchers for mixed signal analog I/O?

    Hi all. So is anyone having any luck with sw. power PCB mount supply modules for mixed signal? I have been experimenting with little DC-DC +5, +-15 and the TDK-Lambda AC/+5/+-15 power module. I have a mixed signal design that has a small size and low weight factor in my design. I have about...
  22. A

    Mixed intrinsic and extrinsic angles in 3D rotations

    Being scratching my head for 2 days and not getting anywhere with this one. I am trying to figure out how to perform a 3D rotation described via a mix of intrinsic and extrinsic angles. Here is the problem: I have a platform in the shape of a box with sides of length lx, ly and lz. The platform...
  23. V

    Mixed Quantifiers: Solving the Puzzle

    Homework Statement Give your own example of a statement with two different quantifiers which changes its meaning and truth value when the order of the quantifiers is exchanged. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution (∀x∈ℝ)(∃x∈ℝ)(xy=0) is true but (∃x∈ℝ)(∀x∈ℝ)(xy=0) is false. Is this...
  24. L

    How to Determine the Resistance R1 in a Mixed Circuit Analysis?

    Homework Statement The following circuit is given, and all voltage, current, resistance and power must be found for each resistor. I have found the following information: Vsrc = ? Isrc = .5A Rsrc = ? Psrc = ? V1 = ? I1 = .5A R1 = ? P1 = ? V2 = 2.5V I2 = .25A R2 = 10 P2 = .625W V3 =...
  25. Phys pilot

    Transform Dirichlet condition into mixed boundary condition

    Hello, If I have a homgeneous linear differential equation like this one (or any other eq): $$y''(x)-y'(x)=0$$ And they give me these Dirichlet boundary conditions: $$y(0)=y(1)=0$$ Can I transform them into a mixed boundary conditions?: $$y(0)=y'(1)=0$$ I tried solving the equation, derivating...
  26. starstruck_

    Spectrum of hot gas uniformly mixed with dust

    hey! EDIT: I didn’t post this in homework help because there aren’t any computational questions, it’s just conceptual My assignment scenario consists of a star (blackbody) surrounded by an expanding shell of hot gas. I’m given its spectrum and it is a continuous emission spectrum. Emission...
  27. F

    A How can a mixed state particle absorb a "quanta" of energy?

    Imagine a two-state system, e.g., a single nucleus that can be aligned or anti-aligned with an external magnetic field. If that nucleus is in a "mixed state" at time zero, such that it's wavefunction is 50% up and 50% down at time zero, why can that nucleus absorb a "quanta" of radiofrequency...
  28. Z

    MHB Why I Get X & Y Mixed Up When Plotting Graphs

    Ok so I don't know what is wrong with me, but when it comes to graphs I often get x and y mixed up and the whole thing becomes very confusing. I had this question plot a graph using y = 2/3x The answer is: if x = 3 y = (2/3 * 3) = 2 x = 3, y = 2 and these are integers which can be plotted...
  29. AwesomeTrains

    Density matrix for a mixed neutron beam

    Homework Statement A beam of neutrons (moving along the z-direction) consists of an incoherent superposition of two beams that were initially all polarized along the x- and y-direction, respectively. Using the Pauli spin matrices: \sigma_x = \begin{pmatrix} 0 & 1 \\ 1 & 0 \\...
  30. E

    Why does entropy increase when hot water is mixed with cold?

    Why is entropy lost by hot water less than the entropy gained by the cold water?From perspective of energy,why is it better to take water and heat it to a temperature than it is to mix hot water and cold water to get a particular temperature.
  31. YNesterov

    How to find m1 in T = ( m1c1T1 + m2c2T2 ) / ( m1c1 + m2c2 )

    Homework Statement How to find mass of one of the two liquids being mixed if we know all other variables in this formula T = ( m1c1T1 + m2c2T2 ) / ( m1c1 + m2c2 ) ? Homework Equations T = ( m1c1T1 + m2c2T2 ) / ( m1c1 + m2c2 ) The Attempt at a Solution
  32. nomadreid

    I Can a Pure State be Interpreted as a Mixed State for a Single Particle?

    A pure state can be interpreted as belonging to a system, but it can also be interpreted as belonging to a single particle (although the resulting probability is in respect to the system), and as I understand it, this is now the preferred interpretation. But in...
  33. F

    I Liquid-gas phase transition: metastable mixed states?

    Hello everybody. I am trying to understand better what happens at a liquid-gas phase transition for the Van Der Waals model. From what I have understood, from the Van Der Waals model we are able to plot the curve P(V) and to calculate the free energy F. Here are such curves : Then, we...
  34. King_Silver

    Mixed random variable distribution question

    Homework Statement See attached image (See below) Homework Equations Differential equations. And a combination of discrete & continuous distributions The Attempt at a Solution The Continous Distribution Function (CDF) is given in the question. So I differentiated it with respect to x...
  35. T

    Engineering How can I simplify this mixed resistors circuit

    Hi I am to calculate Rab of the circuit and I have no idea on how to approach this problem. It would have been all nice and eaasy if it weren't for the vertival 30 ohm resistor. Because of this I'm in a dark spot. I will appreciate any help.
  36. sweet springs

    B Is a pure state a kind of mixed states?

    Hi. 1. Does a pure state belong to mixed states \hat{\rho}=\sum_k p_k|\psi_k><\psi_k| where ##p_k=1## for k=i and otherwise 0 ? 2. Does quantum jump by observation work for both mixed and pure states ? Your teachings will be appreciated.
  37. SchroedingersLion

    A Quantum Optics - transition from pure to mixed state

    Hello guys, I am trying to understand the following experiment: 1. Prepare a 2 level atom in state |0> 2. Shine in a Pi/2 pulse --> atom goes to 1/√2 (|0>+|1>) 3. Wait time T 4. Shine in second Pi/2 pulse a) if the state is pure: atom will go to state |1>, p1=1 b) if the state is...
  38. E

    I Decoherence Pure States Into Mixed States

    According to decoherance. Say there is a pure state initially in state: |ψ⟩=α|0⟩+β|1⟩ After decoherance (interaction with environment), the system will transform into the improper mixed state of: ρ=|α|2|0⟩⟨0|+|β|2|1⟩⟨1| This is the "apparent" collapse that decoherance refers to. With the...
  39. R

    I Actual example of a mixed state not part of entangled state

    A mixed state is when the system is actually in one state or another, but you just don't know which, and you use probabilities to describe your uncertainty. I'm referring to a mixed state of the entire system. I want an actual example. Can you think of some? Note I wasn't describing mixed state...
  40. SchroedingersLion

    I Mixed states vs pure states - physical POV

    Hey guys, I am having issues with understanding the physical nature of pure and mixed states. Maybe you can help me out? 1) A pure state - superposition is a state that consists of different states at the same time. It's like having several waves, each one belonging to an Eigenstate of the...
  41. Hiero

    B Special relativity; mixed up time and space due to motion

    I just want to be sure I understand this correctly: Suppose there's a long spaceship moving in uniform motion relative to me (an inertial frame). Now someone in the front* of the spaceship calls someone (on the phone) in the back of the spaceship. *(this long length of the ship is oriented...
  42. K

    Differential of a y mixed with x

    Homework Statement Find dy of ##~xy^2+x^2y=4## Homework Equations Differential of a product: $$d(uv)=u\cdot dv+v\cdot du$$ The Attempt at a Solution $$2xy~dy+y^2~dx+x^2~dy+2xy~dx=0$$ $$x(2y+x)dy=-(y+2x)dx$$
  43. J

    Finding the elastic modulus of a metal in a mixed phase

    Homework Statement If a metal is adhered to a surface of another metal, let's say copper is plated onto aluminum, how can the elastic modulus of copper can be extracted given only the data of the thickness of the copper and aluminum, the young's modulus of the combined metal and the modulus of...
  44. grandpa2390

    Graphing the Gibbs free energy of mixed gases

    Homework Statement I am needing to graph the Gibbs free energy of mixed gases to determine the range when the gases will form an ideal mixture The two gases have the same Gibbs free energy. Homework Equations ##G = (1-X)G_A + XG_B## for unmixed ##G = (1-X)G_A + (X)G_B + RT(x*ln(x) +...
  45. G

    I Decomposing a density matrix of a mixed ensemble

    I'm trying to solve a problem where I am given a few matrices and asked to determine if they could be density matrices or not and if they are if they represent pure or mixed ensembles. In the case of mixed ensembles, I should find a decomposition in terms of a sum of pure ensembles. The matrix...
  46. B

    MHB Subtracting mixed fractions help

    Hi, I'm new. Please bear with me because I'm not familiar with the code of this forum. I don't know how to enter a mixed fraction correctly, so I'm just going to write it out. Here is the problem: Four and five-ninths minus 2/3 Can someone explain to me why the answer is three and...
  47. M

    I Qubit mixed state density matrix coordinates on a Bloch ball

    What are the coordinates on the 3D Bloch ball of a qubit's mixed state of the form: ##\rho=p_{00}|0\rangle \langle 0|+p_{01}|0\rangle \langle 1|+p_{10}|1\rangle \langle 0|+p_{11}|1\rangle \langle 1|##
  48. O

    I Examples where mixed states are eigenstates

    I have actually read so much about density matrix and eigenstates today. I just want to know what particular situations when mixed states are eigenstates. Can this occur? Mixed states and eigenstates have one thing in common.. they have a value.. but I know mixed states aren't eigenstates...
  49. T

    I Difference between Quantum Superposition and Mixed States

    Hello, sorry, I do realize that this question has been asked before but there are just a few things I would like to figure out. So, in my mind the differences lie in knowing the states that the system could end up in, and also the difference in the probabilities. Is this thinking correct...
  50. T

    I Is a Qubit in a Quantum Superposition or a Mixed State?

    Is it in a Quantum superposition, and then only in a mixed state when finding the reduced state of a qubit from an entanglement of multiple qubits?