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Mobile version not marking read posts

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    Is it just me missing something, or does the mobile version of PF not mark threads I've already read? Normally, it bolds the subject when it's new or contains unread posts. But that doesn't seem to happen on the mobile version, that I can tell.

    Otherwise, I like it so far. Won't be writing massive replies on my phone, mind you. This message was painful enough to write already.

    EDIT: Also, "normal version" link just sends me back to the same mobile page. I also find the missing "forum bug" means it's hard to navigate back to the forum without pressing back a bunch of times.
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    It doesn't always happen on the regular version either.
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    True, it's sometimes glitchy, but it usually works for me. Maybe it's just Opera mobile. I usually use FireFox.

    p.s. Added two more comments in an edit to the original post.
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    Yes it doesn't happen on the mobile version.

    You said that you are using opera mobile but it seems you are using opera mini. Can you confirm which browser you are using? If its mini, clicking the "normal version" link won't do anything. Opera Mobile however displays the site just like a desktop browser would unless you have enabled mobile view.

    I always find a link to the home page right at the top.
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    Thanks for confirming. Don't know that there's anything to be done, but Greg et al., consider that a feature request. Kind of important to be able to tell if there's a new post in a thread or not.

    Actually, seems you're right! I just installed the mobile version as well. Seems they'll both come in handy. Though I can't see how to switch to mobile view in the mobile version of Opera. No link right on the pages that I can see, and I don't see it in my account settings. Probably just missing it.

    Would be really useful to be able to generally switch between both modes. The full PF is more painful on a mobile in some respects, but it does offer full functionality. The mobile version clearly is lacking, but it's a lot easier to use on the small screen.

    Granted, with these issues, I'll probably stick to the full PF interface anyways. Not marking threads with unread messages is a big issue, as is the terrible navigation in the mobile version.

    True, the link to the main PF homepage is there. But let's say I read through a thread with 5 pages. On the 5th page, I reply to a post. After it's posted, I seem to be able to find two ways to get back to the forum I was just reading, and both are terrible.

    One, I can click on the PF link at the top and end up at the PF main page, navigate back to the forum and keep reading. Or two, I can click the back button (or link) past all the forms for posting the message, and five more times to get past the 5 pages of posts. On the full PF, I can just click on the forum name in the "bug".

    By navigation bug, I mean below the button bar where you get things like this:

    Physics Forums > PF Lounge > Forum Feedback & Announcements > etc...

    Lacking that makes the navigation pretty unbearable. On my laptop, I just open posts in another tab, which makes it a non-issue on that device.

    Of course I've not used the mobile version for long, and I can easily be missing things. Though whatever I'm missing should probably be more obvious.

    Anyways, I guess I'll use mostly my laptop and the non-mobile version with Opera Mobile for now. And hopefully the mobile version will become more useful in the future. Consider this some constructive feedback on it.

    Thanks to you both for responding!
  7. Aug 18, 2011 #6
    I guess you are using an older version. Opera Mini 6, the latest one, supports multiple tabs just like your desktop browser. So you might like to update your software.
  8. Aug 18, 2011 #7
    Still learning how to use it, so more of an issue with it being new to me. Hadn't realized I could long press to open a link, and get an option to open in a new tab.

    Thanks a lot for the tip! That's going to come in handy. One problem down.
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