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Bug Read threads and the back button!

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    "Read" threads and the back button!

    It's not really a big deal, but I noticed that when I view a forum section, and read a thread causing it to un-bold, if I use the back button to get to the main page it will cause the thread to mark unread again.

    Using the newest FF if it matters, but it happens on IE for me as well.
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    Re: "Read" threads and the back button!

    If you use back button you don't reload the page from the server, so you see it as it was sent earlier. Refreshing will display it correctly. This is not a server side bug, this is just how browsers work.
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    Re: "Read" threads and the back button!

    it used to reload automatically. (javascript, i assume). but this forum behaviour has changed recently. i thought maybe it was just something on my end, but apparently not.

    i'm not complaining, though, i realize it would reduce some load.
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    Re: "Read" threads and the back button!

    That's not the problem. For example:

    I go to general discussion, open a bold thread and read it. I use back to get out to the general discussion thread and exit my browser. When I go back to general discussion again the thread is unread again even though there are no new posts. It even shows them as unread if I am the last poster!

    To make the "mark read" "stick", I have to go into a thread, then use the navigation buttons on the top sub-menu to go back out. It's like the server saves what I have already read, when I exit a thread via those links, rather than marking it read when I enter it. Like I said, it's no big deal, but it's annoying sometimes and I am not sure if it is intended behavior.
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    Re: "Read" threads and the back button!

    yeah, if it's still there after reloading your web browser, that's odd.

    edit: ok, it's doing it to me also, but no matter how i get back to the topic list, it's not marked read. i haven't tried closing firefox and starting over, but it shouldn't make a difference because it's a server problem.
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    Re: "Read" threads and the back button!

    It reloads for me. I just checked the page source and it does have the "no cache headers".
    Are you saying that when you use the back button you get the cached page instead of it reloading? I actually prefer the cache over reloading because it's quicker. I have the back button on my mouse and I like to go back and forth through the forums pretty quickly. I don't really need or want an updated page each time I use the back button. So if you're able to get around this somehow, I would be interested in knowing how.

    By the way, I do not have the same problem as QuarkCharmer. And I'm using the latest version of FireFox. However, I noticed that I must view the last page of the thread for it to work. Otherwise, the thread will not be marked read.
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