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Mobile video conversion [resolution is not preserved]

  1. Mar 15, 2008 #1
    I have a Sony Ericsson w810i phone. The screen dimensions are 220x176 px. So.. there are two ways i can view a video clip with 16:9 aspect ratio:

    either vertically:
    videoRes: 176x99

    or horizontally:
    videoRes: 220x123

    When I view it horizontally.. i get 55.3% more viewarea as compared to vertical viewing.

    So.. i used Virtual Dub and resized the video to 220x123 and saved it in .avi [codec: DivX 6].

    Now.. the problem is that I use the Xilisoft 3GP converter [X3C] to convert the clips into 3gp. And X3C is such an idiot piece of software.. it converts my video to something like this:


    yup.. it completely skews my video with no respect to aspect ratio. It scales it both horizontally and vertically.. and there is no way to control the resolution in X3C.
    so.. i need suggestions frm ur side as to how i can overcome this problem. Is there any other software that actually respects aspect ratios and/or allows me to control the res?

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