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Mobo+CPU+RAM: free to deserving person... (Sydney)

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    If the moderators will permit...

    For any PF readers in Sydney, Australia, I just thought I'd mention that I'll be giving away a motherboard, CPU and 8GB ram, free to some deserving person. The catch is that the lucky person must come and pick up the items (northern beaches area).

    More details: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=2448098 [Broken].
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    Craigslist? :)
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    Seems like what he chose now was Gregslist ;)

    (sorry couldn't help myself)
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    wow, you really are giving that away? wow, that's nice of you. I initially expected a package from 1990 but that's not the case. Good on you.
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    @davenn Hello! You there dave?
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    4 - 5 months ago that would have been ideal when I had to do a rebuild on this my main puter in the shack
    I did get an i5 processor and board, but just 4 gig of RAM

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