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Modelling wind resonance in turbines (linear)

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    Hello! I chose an aspect of a dynamical system exhibiting resonance to model. The focus of the project is on the resonant response of the system.

    If the wind has a frequency that matches the natural frequency of a turbine, then the turbine will resonate due to wind. I am working on modelling the resonant response in turbines due to wind in order to simulate the model in MATLAB. The model will be a simplified one, with the approximations and assumptions listed. For example I will assume that the wind is a periodic, harmonic wave and the system is linear, so it is similar to modelling a mass-damper system or cantilever system since the system is oscillating and being pushed back to its equilibrium position.

    For the equations of motion for a spring-damper system I would take into account the forces of the spring, the damper, applied forces if there is any, equate this to the acceleration of the mass and take it from there.

    I am trying to deduce the equations of motion of my system of choice for the analysis, however I am not sure where to start and what forces I have to take into account to write the equations for the system in order to analyse its resonant response.

    I would ve most grateful if you have any suggestions for how to go about doing this.

    Thank you!


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    Exactly what parts of the wind turbine are you trying to model? A turbine blade or the entire turbine itself? Analyzing a single blade first would be a good place to start. Wind turbines are notoriously hard to model due to the variations of the wind and due to them being constructed out of composite materials. Can you show us a list of your assumptions?
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