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Molecular orbitals sigma and pi

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    hi! i have a doubt, how can i know the total number of bonding and antibonding electrons given a diatomic molecule's electronic configuration in therms of sigma and pi orbitals?

    I have to add these σ and π orbitals are of the type gerade and ungerade. does anyone can help me?
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    The elecronic configuration is
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    If you look at pictures of bonding and antibonding sigma and pi orbitals then it is immediately clear from inversion symmetry that bonding sigma orbitals are g and bonding pi orbitals are u, while antibonding sigma are u and antibonding pi are g. Hence you can easily count the number of bonding and antibonding orbitals.
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    Hey thank u very much i havent look at the orbital pictures and this topic wasnt explained at class, thanks
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