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Mom's diet can tinker with baby's genes

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    This reminds me of my mom saying that she changed her diet to be healther while she was pregenet.:uhh:
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    There have been previous experiments done on mice, rats, and other lab animals showing similar results. Some experiments have shown that stress levels, diet, living conditions, etc. can influence future generations. From what I remember a lot of the effects are attributed to changes in DNA methylation patterns...but I could be wrong.
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    I guess you didn't follow the link to read the full article, because that's exactly what it says the likely explanation is. :wink:
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    lol, yeah I didn't follow the link...my bad. At least my memory didn't let me down (this time).
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    I have also heard that mothers can vary the gender of their baby by slightly changing their blood ph. I believe if the mother makes it more acidic she increases the chances of having a boy.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but that seems highly unlikely, as the sex of the baby is determined by the chromosome set-up in the sperm that fertilizes the egg in question.

    If so, how would a higher blood pH have any effect on the sperms with the Y chromosome? Most of these things are just speculations.
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    Gender is of course determined chromosomally and blood pH per se can't have an effect on that. I have heard that the x and y sperm are differentially sensitive to the pH of the female genital tract though but I don't think its ever been proven (i've heard of people using vaginal douches to try and influence the gender of their baby).
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