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MOND gravity, an explanation please.

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    I've heard something to the effect that MOND can explain the rotation of galaxies, but the article was very fuzzy.

    Can someone please explain to me MOND....

    1) How is MOND different from the inverse-square law? (math please)

    2) What 'problems' in science does MOND address and what solutions does it offer?

    3) How serious does the scientific community take MOND and who are the main proponents of the theory?

    Thanks a bunch guys, I'm excitedly awaiting replies.
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    Have a browse of the "Pioneer Anomaly" thread, Chaos. It won't answer your question directly, but there's some interesting related stuff in there.


    I still don't know what metric skew tensor gravity is. Maybe it's to do with massive rotating masses generating more gravity because of frame drag or something. Not sure.
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    MOND is an alternative to the dark matter halos proposed to explain the rotational velocity of the arms in most galaxies. It mostly fails when applied to large scale structures. The MOND conjecture, however, has not yet been disproven, merely that it works no better than existing models.
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