Money makes people act less nice?

  1. Greg Bernhardt

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    It's clear that both ends of the economic spectrum feel a sense of entitlement.
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  3. Simon Bridge

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    Oh I don't know - I find that some people become extremely nice when they have just received a lotof money from me :D
  4. micromass

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    I wonder if rich vs poor is a red herring. I think they should investigate happy vs unhappy.
  5. marcus

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  6. Evo

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    I know a lot of very nice rich people and very nasty poor people, I agree with micro.
  7. Borg

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    LOL. I have noticed that BMW drivers are pretty aggressive. However, I personally find that women don't stop as often when I'm trying to cross the street in a crosswalk. I'll have to note what they're driving now.
  8. OmCheeto

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    Hmmm..... Me too.

    Here are the results of my life's research:

    I have found that the rich people I know that started from the ground up are very nice.
    Those that inherited all their money are generally jerks.

    Poor nice people, like myself, are just your average Joes and Josephines, as far as I can tell.
    Poor jerks, strike me as sociopaths.

    Someone should make a poll of famous rich people, asking if each one is nice, or a jerk.

    Here's my list, picked from some list of the top 100 richest people, of the people I have an opinion on:

    Bill Gates, self made: Nice guy, but I hate Microsoft. (I'm a Mac guy now)
    Warren Buffet, self made: Not sure why I love this guy, but I do
    Charles and David Koch, inherited: Total Jerks!
    [STRIKE]Michael Bloomberg, self made?: meh. His first employer, straight out of college, gave him a $10,000,000 severance package? Where do I get a job like that?[/STRIKE](financial anomaly)
    George Soros*, self made: I love this guy to death
    Mark Zuckerberg, self made: Seems like a nice guy​

    * His counterpart, Thomas Peterffy, I just want to strangle! :redface:
  9. OmCheeto

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    I noticed the same thing for the last 30+ years. They were always tailgating me!

    I always thought it had to do with the resonance of the engine and gearbox. There is a speed, where the engine and manual transmission, become harmonious, in a beautiful chord. I always assumed Beemers were tuned for Bavarian and German roads. Hence, speed up young Om.....

    But it's been quite a few years since I've noticed a Beemer tailgating me. I suppose they are all automatics now. :frown:

    Mentors, feel free to move my post over to the geriatric automotive behavioral neuroscience section.
  10. Evo

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    Hey, I owned a BMW when I was rich and I used to be super nice, now that I'm poor, not so nice. :devil:

    If I had more money, I'd definitely be in a better mood.
  11. OmCheeto

    OmCheeto 2,236
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    Well, I didn't know you when you were rich, and now that you're poor, I find you very agreeable.

    btw, was it a stick, or an auto?

    ps. One of the vice presidents at my company started out with me at the bottom about 27 years ago. He is not a jerk.
  12. Borg

    Borg 1,396
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    I didn't want to complain about it but yes, a significant fraction of the time when I see someone weaving in and out of traffic and tailgating, it's a BMW.
  13. jim hardy

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    I have long believed those fancy brand automobiles are more brandished for a power symbol than enjoyed for their comfort.

    A fellow from Palm Beach once told me "It's New money drives Cadillacs. Old money drives Oldsmobiles."

    I'd be interested to hear from somebody in law enforcement as to whether there's a brand preference among punks.
  14. Chronos

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    I think wealthy people get sick and tired of being begged and preyed upon by the 'underclass'. Of course, an ostentatious life style does not help matters. I would live quietly in the privacy of a gated home surrounded by undocumented eastern european guards, a safe room with a wine cellar and two years of supplies, and a modest, armored chauffeured limousine. Did I forget to mention the French maids and gunship escort with a SWAT team?
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