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The USA PATRIOT Act (commonly known as the Patriot Act) was an Act of the United States Congress, signed into law by President George W. Bush.
USA PATRIOT is a backronym for Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism.The Patriot Act was enacted following the September 11 attacks with the stated goal of dramatically tightening U.S. national security, particularly as it related to foreign terrorism. In general, the act included three main provisions:

expanded abilities of law enforcement to surveil, including by tapping domestic and international phones;
eased interagency communication to allow federal agencies to more effectively use all available resources in counterterrorism efforts; and
increased penalties for terrorism crimes and an expanded list of activities which would qualify someone to be charged with terrorism.

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  1. codebpr

    A Can a black hole horizon act as a source of Chaos?

    I was going through this paper where on page 5 they argue that in the given Poincare section: I am a bit confused by this statement. How does the given saddle point correspond to the black hole horizon and is it necessary that it acts as a source of chaos? Any explanation would be truly...
  2. Y

    Finding Solutions to Sustainable Energy: A Balancing Act

    I am not against replacing fossil fuel, but we do NOT have a good solution yet. Why not build safer nuclear power plant? Or get into fusion power plant. I worked for a company as power of the Lawrence Livermore Fusion project back in 1979, still no result. Now they are fighting a losing battle...
  3. TPayne

    Determining motor/control options to act on a spring

    I'm building a power hammer for a buddy's forge and am working through the design phase. We are going to use a 1200lb leaf spring to actuate the upper anvil. Pretty much got the mechanical design down, but having some issues with the selection of motor and control. The leaf spring we selected...
  4. Yossi33

    Forces that act on a physical pendulum

    hello, i have a question about the forces that act on a rod at it's pivot point. the rod is free to rotate about the pivot point at the edge and it starts from rest parallel to the ground.the question is : when it reach to angle theta find the a] the angular velocity b] angular acceleration c]...
  5. E

    What does it mean for an object to act as the "ground"?

    they said that Y is acting as the ground, what does it mean?
  6. G

    I Can an enclosure surrounding a Tx antenna act as a receiving antenna?

    of course it would all have to be wired up correctly
  7. P

    I Does the Normal contact force act through the centre of mass?

    Consider the following situation: You have 1 rectangular block lying on a table, and an identical block is placed above the block on the table. Now, this new block is constantly pushed to the right, right before it topples off. Consider the torque about an axis passing through the rightmost...
  8. Hamiltonian

    Does the tension in a string act on the body to which the pulley is attached?

    The normal reaction from the ground and from block m, the force of gravity are the forces I feel should act on the wedge but since the wedge is a perfectly rigid body and the pulley(which is massless) is attached to it so will tension also act on the wedge as well?
  9. aspodkfpo

    Where does the force of tension act on a box?

    Given a force of tension with a string attached to the front of the box, do we take the force as acting with an angle to the centre of the mass of phi or theta? Explain please?
  10. iVenky

    How does pressure act in all directions if gravity is downward only

    I have a fundamental question about the pressure and I am not sure if my reasoning is correct. Let's take an example of 7 stones shown below. They don't fall because the center of mass of each stone is falling right under the stone below. If I replace the same thing with a liquid, and we know...
  11. Haorong Wu

    Could an operator act on a bra vector?

    I am confused about the problem. I thought operators do not act on bra vectors, and the problem is equivalent to ##a^{\dagger} \left | \alpha \right > = \left ( \alpha ^{*} + \frac {\partial} {\partial \alpha} \right ) \left | \alpha \right > ##. Then, strangely, ##\left < \alpha \right |##...
  12. K

    I Does gravity act differently on a Solar System, a Galasy, and the Universe?

    Since acceleration due to Newton's law decreases as the inverse of distance, it becomes very weak at large distances. Our Sun was unable to pull in matter in the Oort cloud in over 4 billion years. Above about 0.11 light years, using modified Newtonian dynamics equations, gravity decreases by...
  13. T

    How forces act on a shape and its centre of Mass

    Hello all After a lot of support from people like Dr.D, mfig and collinsmark I have finally understood the concept of Centriods and Centre of Mass. I am now trying to understand how a uniformally distributed force and a non uniformally distributed force acts on a shape. If I had an oddly...
  14. Frigus

    How can O- and COO- act as an electron releasing group in a π system?

    can anyone explain me how O negative and COO negative acts as electron releasing group,I understood how alkyl groups acts as electron releasing group but I can't understand this
  15. Hepper

    Does the Coriolis force act on the propagation of light?

    Summary: Robert Sungenis explains the sagnac effect Robert Sungenis, a well-known proponent of geocentrism, has authored a https://gwwdvd.com/what-allows-the-sun-to-revolve-around-the-earth/ in which he tries to explain the Sagnac effect as a result of Coriolis force (p.16-17), which he thinks...
  16. L

    I Does Curving Space by an Approaching Mass Do Work?

    A thought experiment. Two rigid, concentric rings, joined together by a series of lightweight elastic radial spokes. These rings and a heavy mass are approaching each other, such that in the frame of the rings, the mass is traveling along the central, perpendicular axis and will pass through the...
  17. N

    Why does the displacement force act on AC - BC?

    Hi, I am having trouble understanding the intuition behind the problem I attached. Work is the product of the force and displacement in the direction of displacement, so since the crate is moving horizontally from A to B why isn't the displacement AB = 6m? Thanks in advance
  18. Athi Sankar

    Why does radial acceleration act toward the center?

    Acceleration of a rotating link has two components,Tangential (change in the direction) Radial (change in the magnitude). Why the direction of Radial acceleration is considered towards center (Centripetal)? what about centrifugal?
  19. N

    Optics to act as a mirror or transparent medium depending on incident angle

    I am looking for an optical piece that can act as a mirror when the angle of incidence is close to normal (90 degrees) but acts as a see-through glass when the angle of incidence is less than 60 degrees? Alternatively it can be a filter placed in front of a mirror that passes a lot of light at...
  20. I

    B What Does It Mean For A Force To Act On A Particle?

    I know this is kind of a dumb question but please forgive me it's been awhile. Is it enough for a particle to merely "feel" an external force F to state that "F is acting on the particle"? ie if the particle was confined in a potential well and experiences F but does not move. or does...
  21. T

    I How does the stress-energy tensor act on gravity?

    How do the components of the stress-energy tensor act on gravity regarding a) the FRW-universe? b) a solid ball? In a FRW-universe ##\rho + 3P## determines the second derivative of the scale factor. So, there are no non-diagonal components. Just theoretically, if the perfect fluid was...
  22. J

    Which of the following combinations would act as buffered solutions

    Homework Statement Which of the following combinations would act as buffered solutions? a. HCl and NaCl b. CH_3COOH and KCH_3COO c. H_2S and NaHS d. H_2S and Na_2S Homework Equations none really... The acid needs to be weak and the base strong though. The Attempt at a Solution HCl is one...
  23. Kiwimaster76

    I How does plasma act outside of a containment field?

    If you were to have some way to remove plasma out of a tokamak or stellarator, how would it act? I realize there's basically no way to actually remove plasma from those machines, but I'm curious how plasma would act in the actual atmosphere. Would it act like a plasma cutter? Would it stay...
  24. Alvan

    I How a group of nucleus can act as a circular aperture

    So I have been learning about measuring nuclei radius using electron diffraction, using sin(theta)=1.22lambda/d, doing some research I found out that is the equation for circular aperture diffraction but I don’t really understand how a group of nucleus can act as a circular aperture. Also is...
  25. J

    B ACT Graph: Understanding Data Points & Atmospheric Layers

    All, I hope this is in the right forum. I'm a bit embarrassed that I cannot make sense of this graph. My question is this: When looking at the graph, should you ONLY be reading data points from the two lines -- but also reading the lines independently? I am at a loss why the atmospheric...
  26. T

    How exactly does the electric force act?

    greeting How exactly the electric force acts .The definition of force is In physics, a force is any interaction that, when unopposed, will change the motion of an object. as the electron circulates around the nucleus of the atom because of that I do not see how that force acts .
  27. Francis Hannah

    How many Trusses act on this system?

    Is there only two trusses? As shown below:
  28. Upupumiau

    Can organometallic act as bases?

    Homework Statement It's a synthesis, dedicated more to carbonyl reactions. However, there is this step where you deduce the structure of an elongated terminal alkyne and then they tell you to add 1. MeMgBr 2. Formaldehyde. Homework Equations Usually organometallics are used to transform the...
  29. K

    B Does the plasma at the center of a star act like a solid?

    I was passing time by Googling the properties of the sun (temperature, mass, etc) and got to wondering what lies at the center of stars. I found out its plasma under roughly 340 billion atmospheres of pressure. I realize Boyles law may not be strictly meant for plasmas, but using it I...
  30. A

    Can photons act as medium for sound?

    can light collectively or individual photons act as a medium for propagation of sound waves?
  31. 8

    MHB ACT Problem: Finding x-intercept Of LIne Given 2 Points

    What is the x-intercept of the line that passes through points (-3,7) and (6,4) in the standard (x,y) coordinate plane?
  32. Simon Peach

    B How can gravity act on a photon?

    Black hole or more correctly the event horizon will not let anything past through it, from inside to outside, ok. But then we get to a particle with zero mass eg. photon. How can gravity act on that particle, surely for gravity to act there must be mass? Or does it act on the electromagnetic...
  33. P

    Does the magnetic field produced by a magnet act on itself?

    So when a conductor in complete circuit is placed next to a moving magnetic field, current in the conductor is induced and the induced current again produces its own magnetic field. So does this new magnetic field act on the conductor? It's the same as the question in the title. Is my concept...
  34. Z

    Why does friction act in the normal direction

    For a particle undergoing a constant velocity circular motion. I thought friction always acted in the direction of motion which would be in the tangential direction.
  35. 8

    MHB ACT Problem: Sum Of Even Integers

    What is the sum of all the even integers between 1 and 101? Is there an easier way besides using the formula: (B-A+1)(B+A)/2? It just takes too much time.
  36. 8

    MHB ACT Problem: Determine Constant In Polynomial Given Factor

    Assume that (x-4) is a factor of 2x^2-4x-z. What is the value of z? How would you set it up to use the foil method?
  37. 8

    MHB ACT Problem: Adding Fractions

    Before Joseph paints his house, he pours blue paint into 2 buckets of different sizes. He notices that the volume of the larger bucket is 3 times the volume of the smaller bucket. At the end of the day, Joseph estimates that the larger bucket is 3/4 full and the smaller bucket is 1/3 full/ He...
  38. 8

    MHB ACT Problem: Distance, Rate and Time

    Joan is riding her bicycle along a track at 15 miles per hour. Anthony, who is ahead of Joan on the same track, is riding his bicycle at 12 miles per hour. If it will take Joan 5 hours to catch Anthony at their current speeds, how many mile ahead of Joan on the track is Anthony? How would you...
  39. 8

    MHB ACT Problem: Finding The x-Intercept Of Given Line

    What is the x-intercept of the graph of y = x2 – 4x + 4? How would you foil this?
  40. A

    I The Arrow of Time and the Reversibility of Decay Processes in Physics

    Hello! I'm an Engineer by profession with less knowledge of physics, so please be basic with me. After recently being intrigued by the double slit experiment, I started to read more and more about the same. At most of the places, it says that as soon a sensor is kept near one of the slit to find...
  41. S

    Calculating Acceleration with Multiple Forces Acting on an Object

    Homework Statement Two forces act on a 55 kg object. One has a magnitude of 65 N directed 59 degrees clockwise from the pos. x axis. The other has magnitude 35 N at 32 o clockwise from the pos. y axis.What is the acceleration of the object? The answer is given as 1.1 m/ s squared, (I got a...
  42. orion

    I Do derivative operators act on the manifold or in R^n?

    I am really struggling with one concept in my study of differential geometry where there seems to be a conflict among different textbooks. To set up the question, let M be a manifold and let (U, φ) be a chart. Now suppose we have a curve γ:(-ε,+ε) → M such that γ(t)=0 at a ∈ M. Suppose further...
  43. kiwaho

    What material can act as electron sponge?

    We know Earth grounding is huge electron sink. But the Earth is not portable, what material can absorb lots of electron inside or on surface? Maybe the supercapacitors already use it as its cathode? and what material dislike electron and push electron away? thanks
  44. F

    Does 9-BBN not act on internal alkynes or alkenes?

    Organic Chemistry question! Is 9-BBN too sterically hindered to even react with internal alkynes or alkenes? (to do hydroboration)
  45. down to earth

    Solve ACT Word Problem: Find Value of x

    I'm studying for the ACT and this was one of the practice test problems. The book does offer an explanation for how to get the answer but it isn't very detailed and I still don't know what I'm doing wrong. Homework Statement The larger of two numbers exceeds twice the smaller number by ##8##...
  46. Harry Smith

    I Why does a sum of operators act on the state like this?

    I'm reading through my quantum physics lecture notes (see page 216 of the lecture notes for more details) and under the ladder operators section there is a discussion of the expectation value of ##L_x## for a state ##\psi = R(r) \left( \sqrt{ \frac{2}{3}} Y_{11} - \sqrt{ \frac{1}{3}} Y_{10}...
  47. benorin

    I What does the act of observing do exactly?

    My question is simple though I fear the answer may be complex: What does the act of observing do exactly? I hear observing does some unexpected things in quantum (I wouldn't doubt there is a religon based on it). I am a math major with a love of physics though I'm not that versed in it so...
  48. ardakaraca

    How does a square shaped magnet act like a ring magnet?

    Hi, I'm working with a magnetic levitron project and I've borrowed a professional levitron to see how it works. When I remove the back cap, unexpectedly I saw a square shaped magnet instead of ring magnet. But it acts like almost a ring magnet. I'll explain the difference with images below. At...
  49. x2017

    What impulse must act on the bowling ball to stop it?

    Homework Statement [/B] A 10kg bowling ball is moving with a velocity of -3m/s. a) What is the momentum of the bowling ball? b) What impulse must act on the bowling ball to bring it to a stop? Homework Equations momentum=mv impulse=ΣFΔt ΣFΔt=mΔv The Attempt at a Solution a) momentum = mv...
  50. romsofia

    The act of renormalization

    A question that has been bothering me for a while, is why are we as a physics community so fine with remormalization in QFT? Experimentally (QED especially) the field is VERY precise, however, looking at the mathematical side of renormalization, it doesn't look... very logical. We get divergent...