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Monochlorination of methylcyclopentane problem help

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    monochlorination of methylcyclopentane problem!!! help

    Draw all the monochlorinated derivatives of methylcyclopentane that are skeletal isomers of one another. To make a monochlorinated derivative of a compound, replace one H atom in the compound with Cl.

    This makes me want to cry inside a little, therefore I am requesting someones assistance. I believe that there are at least three. One chlorine replaces a hydrogen on the methyl group. Another chlorine replaces the hydrogen on the same carbon as the methyl group. And the third replaces any of the hydrogens on the four remaining carbons of cyclopentane but i am not confident about this at all. If someone could help that would be great.

    Thank you
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    Re: monochlorination of methylcyclopentane problem!!! help

    Skeletal isomers, so chirality is not considered. You have given,
    but you should realize that those isomers are not a single isomer but.... how many?
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