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Mossbauer Spectroscopy, velocity conversion

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    i have a mossbauer data for a ferrite sample in terms of channel vs counts, i need to convert it into velocity vs counts. i dont have any software, i tried to download the demo versions of MOSSWIN and IGOR PRO but i am unable to know how to convert them. Please guide me for the conversion.
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    Is your raw spectrum is folded (not convolution)?..
    if it is folded...you can easily convert..if not i can help..
    If you want to convert please tell me the following:
    1. What is source motion (sinusoidal or triangular)?..
    2. measurement velocity ?
    3. no. of data point or channels?
    For converting the raw spectrum to a velocity scale spectrum w.r.t. source no need to know the iron spectrum's zero velocity channel..
    But converting the spectrum relative to alpha iron foil one needs to know it...
    Or else with which reference sample you want to convert..?
    good luck.
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