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Most amazing fight scene in a movie ever

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    Just remember that this scene uses absolutely 0 cut away shots and almost no CGI effects the entire time. I thought it was an awesome scene.

    here are some interesting comments from the director about this scene:

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    hahaha I haven't laughed that hard in a while. ahaha thanks
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    Impressive really. Although did anyone think he could of just booked a table, and then moved over to talk to the guy and asked him a question? Well that wouldn't of been much fun, but hehe. :biggrin:

    I watched the scene first then read the quote, I was thinking all the way through how much planing that must of took, it's like a dance performance, you literally would have to choreograph it so well to make it work. It's a stand alone piece that I would watch again.


    I like this fight scene, it's more gritty, Bourne Identity, but it has none of the artistry of yours. It's just brutal and frankly it shows how much damage people who have no consideration to death or breaking bones can do. A biro very innovative...
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    Tony Jaa is awesome. Both his movies are impressive.
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    That sucked. Sorry.

    Lets all just stand around and throw big wide punches so that you can block us and break our arms..........mmmmmmmHHMMMMMMMM. :rolleyes:
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    It's a movie, i.e. for entertainment. ya know?

    maybe you would like the infamous "hammer fight scene" from the south korean film old boy better. It also uses 0 cut away shots. (expletives warning)

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    Chi Meson

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    Leader: "OK boys, let's go over it again. How were we supposed to attack?"
    all (dejectedly): "all at once."
    Leader: "Right, and how did we just do it?"
    all : "one at a time."
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    Dude if you want to see some brutality and tons of bone breaking check out this one. Make sure you have the volume on for this one so you can hear all the crunching. I think he must have broken about 200 bones in this clip in another Tony Jaa scene-

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    oh Damn! thats the best boss death i have ever seen in my life! the way he gets picked up by his eye socket and Carried away is way better then death by helicopter blades
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    Again, ehhhhhhhh? I find this to be mindless entertainment. If you want a good fight scene go watch the movie ALI when he fights in Africa at the very end. I find this to be just pointless hi-ya, kick kick, karate chop nonsense. At least Ali is based on a real story, and they tried to make the fights just like the real ones in terms of his moves etc. Its ok in small amounts like the Matrix. But 4 mins of this is zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZzz.
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    I remember when I saw that movie that scene just blew my mind. The movies itself ain't the greatest... just something mindless to defrag to. but that fight scene is mind blowing. I don't want to know the amount of planning that went into it.
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    http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/3883/chinesexg2.png [Broken]

    Johnny, what are you doing here?!? I told you go 15 South Nanjin Street...this is 15 North Nanjin Street!

    Huh? Ohhhh.....
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    star trek fight scene

    Here's a fight scene with some style!

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    :rofl: my god. that was beautiful.
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