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Mothballing an FT/IR Spectrometer

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    I have the wonderful privilege of being the one user and conveniently described subject matter expert over the operation of my employer's FT/IR Spectrometer, one Bruker Optics Tensor 27 hunk of plastic, metal, and rather toxic pieces parts.

    For reasons only known to the Department of Energy, my current project is facing the same fate as the parrot in the Parrot Skit of Monty Python. My question is, how do I properly mothball this rather expensive machine? Even when I am not running samples, I still run tests on it quarterly, as well as changing out the "desiccant" (molecular sieve specifically). I've been told numerous times that using actual desiccant (such as silica) is a bad bad thing.

    I don't know, my expertise falls into the category of nuclei fissioning, so I am not the best person to ask on this.

    How do I store this rather expensive piece of equipment so it might live to sample another day?
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    I'd contact the manufacturer and ask them. That's probably the best way of going about it.
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