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Mother bear kills cub and then itself

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    Alright so this is one of the more bizarre articles I have read in recent history...thought you might be interested.


    Feel free to discuss the article but I was more interested in the mental capacity of the bear to perform this. Is this "normal"? Do other animals display suicidal behavior under sustained harsh conditions - like many of the cows, and chickens experience before being slaughtered?

    Poor bears :(
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    More likely, it was panic...both strangling the cub trying to carry it away, and then injuring herself so badly running into walls looking for an escape.
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    I really doubt it was trying to kill itself. It was probably just very scared and did something stupid.
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    Some of these chinese people make me sick.
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    A lot of things some people do make me sick. Most people have better sense.

    I wonder if the article was doctored to give anguishing human qualities to the mother bear so they could sell more reprints.
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    The world's suffering never ceases to amaze. Distribution of such articles does help bring light to bad situations and puts pressure on them to stop.
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    Some times i am disgusted by human nature, this is one of them.
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    Anthropomorphism? Is that the term for when humans project human stuff onto rocks and animals?
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    unbearable for mother.
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    It even says in the article it's not uncommon for the bears to try to kill themselves
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    Couldn't have said better...

    The people who do this realize the bears are suffering, because they try to suicide. But they just don't care, how can they have no empathy at all?
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