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Mounting of accelerometer on bullet - Drop test

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    Hi guys,

    I am performing drop-weight impact tests on concrete slab.

    I have designed a bullet made of high tensile steel and I am interested to recorded the acceleration, then convert it to impact force. For this purpose, I need to implement an accelerometer on the bullet.

    I have tried two designs; one to weld two steel brackets and the other one to drill a hole to bolt the accelerometer. Is there any possibility to let me have your suggestions on this please?

    I have attached the images. Thanks

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    Steel brackets are gonna flex, stay with a drilled hole in the body. Put some packing material behind the accelerometer to keep its nose in contact with the bullet. Ideally the hole bottom should match the shape of the accelerometer. Also, don't let the accelerometer rattle sideways in the hole, a snug fit or (stainless steel?) shaped shims come to mind. If shims are used, they should enclose noticeably more than 180o of the accelerometer periphery.
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