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Moved into res today and am so excited

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    I've moved into res today and am so excited that I thought I'd let everyone know! kk, time to go meet some ppl! cya!
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    Res? Are you talking about Resident Halls (Dorms)?
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    What's res?

    If it's student halls, then get yourself off the interweb and go and make some friends! Oh wait, you just did. Good boy!

    I absolutely loved my freshers' week, it was amazing. You have a perfect excuse to go round to your next door neighbours, their next door neighbour, and any random house you like, and invite yourself in and make them brew up for you. And get drunk every night. And yay, new friends!

    I randomly bumped into one of my first year freshers' week friends last night, I hadn't seen her for 3 years and we randomly ended up drinking in the same pub before going to the same gig in a city neither of us live in any more, woop! That's how important freshers' week is. Yay!
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    Sometimes I feel like I missed out by going to school in my hometown.

    But then I remember the tens of thousands of dollars I'll save and the debt I won't have and I figure I did the right thing.
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    Meet some girls, lots of them...:devil:
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    And i thought this was gonna be a thread about beef. :frown:
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    oh i have......:cool:
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    dont tell them about physicsforums =D
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