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Moving Across the Country(Concerns about degree)

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    So I did a search and couldn't find much on this topic, maybe mostly since I don't know to word it correctly.

    Anyway, when I finish my degree in a year or two I plan on packing up and leaving the blistering cold and humid heat of the northeast for sunny warm Northern California, particularly SF. I am majoring in EE/CE so I figure there are some good opportunities out there plus I just want to go because I'm sick of my home state. Problem is that my degree, while of course from an ABET program isn't from a nationally recognized school(It's from the second best Public Uni in the state, out of 4). How much is this going to hurt me? I plan on packing up and moving out as soon as I am done so I would be hoping to find me first "real" job in SF.

    Granted I'm going to try to have a good internship at what will probably be a well known national company, since my uni has good local industry ties are and I am in the number 2 or 3 top technology job area in the US probably. But how difficult will I find it getting a job somewhere 3000 miles away if my potential employers aren't familiar with my school?

    Corollary: When you make up a resume is it dishonest or frowned upon to not put the campus you attended? For example: Say you had went to University of Texas-Dallas or something and you just put UoT on your resume? I mean it will probably encourage people to find that you went to that nationally known campus in Austin but it's not incorrect and might just be more straightforward to someone with no knowledge of that locale?
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    Not answering your question, but you might want to look up the weather statistics before you make your move. San Francisco is not as warm and sunny as you might think....
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    Yea I know, but compared to where I am the weather is amazing.
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    You need to put the campus you attended on your resume. Interviewers will not be impressed if you are trying to be artfully vague. There are not enough graduates from nationally recognized schools to fill all the positions, so you definitely have a chance.

    It is usually easier to find a job when there is some connection between your specific school and the company or industry you are applying to, but that does not mean it cannot happen. People move all the time, so this is not an unusual circumstance.
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    It isn't. EECS is odd because most employers don't care much if you have an ABET program or even if you majored in EECS at al.

    People aren't going to care much. They are going to ask you EE and CS questions in the interview and if you can answer them, they won't care much where you went to school.

    It's not a good idea. If you leave out information like this, people will assume the worst, and the worst is usually worse than the truth. Either the person reading the interview will know or care about UT Dallas versus UT Austin or they won't. If they know or care, they will think that something is weird and if something is weird you aren't going to get the interview. If they don't know and care, then it's not going to help you.

    If the employer cares about UT pecking order, and you put UT, then the employer is likely to assume that you got the degree from UT Permian Basin or UT Tyler, which isn't going to help you.
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