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Programs MSc/PhD Astrophysics after BSc Maths and Economics?

  1. Sep 19, 2011 #1
    Due to my marks in high school i could not get admssion in any regular(full-time) BSc physics/astrophysics programme.
    I looked for a distance learning programme but cudn't find one except uCLan's BSc astronomy hons, which they say will take a minimum on 5 years to complete. They wont let u take enough modules per year to let u finish it faster as it is meant to be a part-time study programme. That is 2 years extra than the normal 3 years period, i mean i can even complete my masters in that time!
    I found a BSc maths and economics programme(distance learning) at university of london, which will take 3 years to complete. I can even take more mathematics than economics in the final year.
    After graduation i want to go further with MSc and PhD in astrophysics so i was wondering if it is possible to do msc and phd in astrophysics field after completing that univerisity of london(BSc maths and economics) degree?

    Also suggest me any distance learning BSc programmes that u may be aware of in astrophysics/astronomy/physics or related, anything that would make me qualify for further studie in this field(except engineering)
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    My main question(if i was too confusing lol) is:
    is it possible to do masters degree in astrophysics after obtaining bachelors degree in maths and economics(70% maths 30% economics)??
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    There are certainly much better chances to be accepted into a physics or astrophysics bachelor's course with bad school grades than to be accepted into a similar master's courses with bad school grades and no further physics background.
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    Not completely empty background, i will be doing certificate courses in astronomy contantly and by three year i will have about 3-4 of them.
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    And for some reasons i cant go outside of my state, and ive tried every instituion or university that provides bsc in physics, there are no chances that they are going to take me in this year, or next year.
    Im in india and here the admissions are mostly only on the basis of high school marks which has to be at least 70 or above for bsc physics.
    I still have an option to repeat my final school exams next year, but im not sure if ill be able to score that high!
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    You don't think you can score 70% on your high school Physics/Maths exams but expect to do well in a Physics degree? Just suck it up and work harder.

    Have you looked into CMI? See if you can attempt their entrance exam next year? You should have a lot of time to prepare, considering you're not in school right now. What about the JEE? IISc, Bangalore and IIT-K have introduced 4-year BS degrees. LMNIIT have an engineering physics degree and they are quite liberal with their approach to admissions, from what I remember.

    Congratulations, you now have no reasonable excuse to not do Physics!
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    Definately i will work harder this time, but it would be great if i can save a year.
    I did not gave AIEEE, iit or any other enterance because i had no plans for B.Tech.(and wasnt too aware of the stuff after school)
    My family responsibilites do not allow me to go outside of delhi, so iit-k and iisc and cmi are out of the question, even iit-b offers msc+bsc dual degree in physics but thats agian not possible :(
    With my current marks, i do not qualify for iit, even aieee colleges ask for at least 50% marks(mine is 45%)

    There are some south indian universities which offer bsc physics by distance learning but their reviews are scary, next to nill support from the teachers, a decade old syllabus and more.

    Do u think i should join the progs by the south indian universities i mentioned? Or repeat 12th or bsc maths and economics+certificates of pro development in astronomy?

    And when u apply for MSc, do they conisider other qualifications and certificates along with undergrad degree and 10+2 marks?

    Is it *technically* possible to do maths and economics before msc astrophysics?

    A big thanks for your help in advance :D
  9. Sep 20, 2011 #8
    I just read in the article '7 keys to sucess with a physics degree':

    it doesn’t matter all that much if you get your degree in math, physics, or engineering unless you’re hot on some specific niche career.

    How true is that?
  10. Sep 20, 2011 #9
    And i also discovered a main belt asteroid very recently, is that going to help me regarding my admission?
  11. Sep 20, 2011 #10
    I have no clue. I'm sorry to hear about your familial constraints. Try to work harder. Maybe you could try applying to a college at UofDelhi, then?

    I can understand *but* starting university at 19 instead of 18 is not that big of a deal, really.

    Good luck with your endeavours.
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