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A Bachelor of Science (BS, BSc, SB, or ScB; from the Latin baccalaureus scientiae or scientiae baccalaureus) is a bachelor's degree awarded for programs that generally last three to five years.The first university to admit a student to the degree of Bachelor of Science was the University of London in 1860.Whether Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degrees are awarded in particular subjects varies between universities. For example, an economics student may graduate as a Bachelor of Arts in one university but as a Bachelor of Science in another, and occasionally, both options are offered. Some universities follow the Oxford and Cambridge tradition that even graduates in mathematics and the sciences become Bachelors of Arts, while other institutions offer only the Bachelor of Science degree, even in non-science fields.At universities that offer both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in the same discipline, the Bachelor of Science degree is usually more focused on that particular discipline and is targeted toward students intending to pursue graduate school or a profession in that discipline.

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  1. Agongo 4

    Courses Becoming a Biomedical Engineer with a Bsc in Medical Physics

    Can I become a biomedical engineer after completing a Bsc in Medical Physics?
  2. yezia

    Which MSc to do after BSc physics if you love to code?

    Hi everyone! Merry christmas first and I hope you're getting great rest with close ones around :) Well, as title may suggest it, I will graduate soon in physics and I'm not sure of the next step in my academic curriculum. I like theoretical physics, I've touched upon most fondamental physics...
  3. yezia

    Perspectives with an almost-completed BSc. Physics

    Hello everyone! As I was saying in my presentation post, I dropped out of my physics degree very close to graduation - a year ago. I will firstly explain the whole context of my studies/abandon and then provide some of the perspectives I thought about. As an international student in Canada...
  4. A

    How difficult is it to be accepted into grad school in Europe without a BSc?

    Hello, I know there are countless threads asking if you can go to grad school in Physics with an Engineering degree, and I know that the answer depends on my score on the GRE. I am not asking this. What I want to ask is: supposing I have a good GRE score but am coming from Engineering, can I...
  5. T

    BSc in Meteorology with no experience -- Is it reasonable to look for international jobs?

    Summary:: I'm a portuguese citizen, holding a BSc in Meteorology, Oceanography and Geophysics, and I've been applying for job opportunities related to weather forecasting, internationally. I have no experience in it whatsoever, and I would probably require sponsoring. Is it reasonable to...
  6. CrunchBerries

    Physics Employment Prospects of a BSc in Space Science

    Is a BSc in space science regarded as a valid/competitive degree? It looks like a relatively newer degree. I am currently in Space Science, which is a major in Pnysics with a focus on orbital mechanics and space mission management. Basically I am just looking for an industry outlook/opinion on...
  7. Kaushik

    Schools BSc Physics: Questions, Future, Programs, Companies & Top Universities

    Is BSc physics a good course? Does it have a bright future? Which are the best programs to pursue after graduating? After Postgraduate, name some of the major companies hiring students with Bsc Physics and a second degree. Which are the top universities for BSc Physics.
  8. xyzyx314

    Programs Physics and Philosophy BSc - What to expect?

    Hi, I'm applying for 2020 entry in the UK (coming from Poland) and the subject that I'm most interested in is BSc in Physics and Philosophy (well maybe next to Natural Sciences degree, but I feel like that's out of my grasp), with the intent to later pursue MSc, PhD and ultimately an academic...
  9. B

    Physics Jobs in numerical simulations with a BSc in Physics?

    Just finished my Bs.c with a minor in CS. At the end of my degree I did a reserch project where I numerically solved a nonlinear PDE and enjoyed the numerical simulation work. What is the best path to do similar work in the industry? I don't mind simulating models from outside of physics, such...
  10. L

    Courses Uni course and Degrees confusion: BEng, BSc

    Hi Im current in last year of HND mechanical (100% distinction so far) and have HNC in general engineering (100% distinction). Im better at the research and piratical bad at exams (diffucult reading and writing and slow comperhention skills and expression using writting what i want to...
  11. rageoveralostpenny

    Courses What are my possible paths with a physics BSc?

    Disclaimer: there is a wall of text. Some of it might be rushed as I tried to make it less waffly. It's a lot, apologies beforehand, but I would really appreciate some insights especially from those from US (I'm from UK). Here is my situation: on one hand, I have been accepted to do natural...
  12. V

    Other Finding the Perfect Machine Learning Textbook for a Physics BSc

    Hello, recently I've become interested in learning more about machine learning, and am looking for a good textbook to study from. My background: Finished most of the required courses for my physics BSc and the related math courses. Some relevant courses I have taken: Linear Algebra Calculus...
  13. Aaron M

    Engineering Recent BSc in Physics graduate, worried about my new job

    Hello all!, Backstory: I recently graduated with a BSc in physics a month ago. I have been looking to get hired by a certain company since the start of my senior year. The position I was after was a process engineer, however I have not heard back from the company for that position, which I...
  14. S

    Physics Options for physics BSc graduates outside of academia

    Hi everyone. One of the perennial favourite topics here in the Career Guidance section is the employability of physics graduates, including those with just a BSc degree instead of a PhD. I've found the following links on Metafilter and Reddit which I thought might be relevant (the last...
  15. B

    Engineering From engineering BSc to Physics MSc

    Dear forum, let me tell you my story: I hold a BSc degree in petrochemical engineering. I'm 25 years old. I finished my university studies 4 years ago, graduated with honors and have been working in the industry ever since. I have a good job with a decent salary, I can buy stuff and support my...
  16. Z

    Admissions Bsc in Physics after Bachelors in Computer Science

    Can anyone tell me if its possible to do a BSc in physics and astronomy after doing bachelor's in computer science? I was looking at applying for a Masters in physics and astronomy but looks like BSc is kind of a must because of the lack of training in physics I have. I looked at schools like...
  17. jamalkoiyess

    Admissions Can I get into a graduate physics program without a Bsc degr

    I am a physics sophomore. I have been told by some of the graduates that most of the courses can be self-studied through the books that are demanded. I want to know if a masters or Ph.D. program would accept me if I self-studied everything. It's going to save me a lot of money.
  18. S

    Programs Is BSc in Mathematics and Physics a waste of time?

    Hi, Can someone explain what the appeal is of a joint subject degree such as BSc Mathematics and Physics? Logic dictates that you will not get proficient at either, so what are the benefits of such a programme? You would be stuck in the middle knowing a little bit of both but not enough of...
  19. R

    Other At almost 39 am i to old to study BSc Physics

    Hi I am 38 yrs old, I have a grade A in A-level mathematics, grade A in both Mathematics and Physics at GCSE, an average IQ (if their is indeed such a thing lol) and have always been interested in Physics but was talked out of pursuing it when I was younger by an arrogant relative who was a...
  20. S

    Admissions Is a delay in getting BSc important for admission to MSc?

    I'm currently doing my Bachelor of Physics in Italy, my projects for the future are to apply for a MSc in Physics in some good European universities in Germany or in the UK. (Just to say, I was thinking about München or London). Unfortunately I'm not sure I will be able to end my studies in the...
  21. Gimblestitch

    Schools Open University - BSc Mathematics and Physics?

    Good, bad or indifferent? Any ideas or suggestions? Gimblestitch
  22. S

    Programs BSc Chemistry to MSc Chemical Engineering?

    I was just hoping for a bit of feedback on how realistic of a transition this would be. I'm nearing the end of an honors degree in chemistry and the job prospects look a bit dire. In my area there are lab technician jobs that require the applicant to have a degree, and the pay is less than what...
  23. I

    BA vs BSc in Physics: Pros & Cons

    Hello, I will be entering my first year as a Bsc physics student in January. I am wondering if I should switch to a regular BA to avoid a few chemistry courses I will need to take that come along with enrolling in a Bsc degree program. I have no interest in chemistry or anything other than...
  24. S

    BSc thesis preparation resources

    My thesis supervisor usually just hands out a paper to read and to fish for the resources and all the rest of the details for myself. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
  25. E

    Hello.I have Bsc in Physics and Math shall I find HONOR

    Can I change my general degree Bsc in physics & mathematics to honor degree in geophysics or material engineering.if yes.where can i do it?? Thank you
  26. F

    From physics BSc to materials PhD, will bad math grades hurt?

    Hi all, I have an urgent question.. I am currently applying to materials science PhD, and double majoring in physics and applied math. I haven't had much time to study for my (intro) discrete math course and will likely get a C... I already have a C from sophomore year statistical physics...
  27. C

    After BSc Physics? (Master of applied math, CS, engineering)

    Hello everyone. Currently I am studying for BSc. Physics in Leipzig, Germany and serious considering to change into some other fields for master. Now I am considering three possibilities: Master of engineering, computer science or applied mathematics. I have searched quite many information...
  28. E

    Advice for Entering Biochem MSc./PhD after Phys. BSc.?

    I have a BSc. Honours Physics degree and I have summer research experience in Biophysics and Computational Chemistry. I want to enter a grad school program where I may use the basic physics that I've acquired throughout my undergrad degree, but where the focus is around biological function. The...
  29. A

    Math III cambridge as a bsc physics

    Hi I am a Bsc physics w/theoretical physics student at imperial college. I was wondering if anyone knew the chances of getting on the maths III masters course applying from a bsc in physics. Is it even worth applying? My grades are quite high (80% +) but I am worried the courses we have done...
  30. Brahmajala

    Advices for a freshman in a Physics BSc course

    Hi everyone, I don't know if similar questions have been submitted here previously, let me know if they were. So, I just graduated from the local High School in Aeronautics, and I'm ending up in what's deemed one of the hardest courses you can think of here in Italy: Physics. I'm going to start...
  31. Meron

    BSc Physics in Malaysia: Meron's Journey to University

    Hello everyone! I'm Meron, and I'm a high school senior. As you've already guessed, this is the time for me to think of which university I should be attending. I'm currently residing in Saudi Arabia, and studying at a school which follows the Indian system. I'm thinking of being a physicist when...
  32. D

    Engineering What can I do with a Physics BS besides engineering/CS....?

    I am a rising sophomore pursuing a physics BS with 3.75 GPA at a top 30 private university. After working in a lab as a undergrad research assistant, I realized that studying physics and doing physics is a completely different experience. While I love the subject matter, I can't imagine myself...
  33. Somit Jain

    Schools What college to join for Bsc in Physics in India?

    I cleared my 12th board and am expecting to get about 80% and I did not do very well in Jee mains either as I only solved the physics portion. I will be giving cmi entrance exam but I want some more options. Please help.
  34. Meron

    Bsc Physics Scholarship for Class 12 Students

    I'm a class 12 student. I'm interested in physics and would like to pursue a higher education in it. Since my parents are poor, I won't be able to afford an expensive college. Can someone tell me of good scholarships? Also, can you tell me a way in which I would get allowances ?
  35. AdityaDev

    Choosing Between BSc or B.Tech for Engineering: Job Opportunities and Advice

    I am afraid that I won't get good rank in engineering entrance exam. I have an option of second attempt but I will get distracted easily. So the next option is a BSc. What kind of jobs will I be able to do if I follow this path: BSc->MSc? Or should I sit and study another year for this path:B...
  36. T

    Calculating Exhuast Flow for Fume hoods and BSC

    Hey guys, I'm doing a university project where I am designing the hvac system of a lab. I'm having trouble figuring out how I'm supposed to calculate the exhaust flow required through fume hoods.I know this depends on the type of hazard that is being dealt with in the Lab but my knowledge of the...
  37. sara.w

    Career Prospects in BSc Math vs MSc Mathematical Physics

    Hi guys, I'm at the tail end of my BSc degree major in math, minor in physics and I am considering grad school in mathematical physics. I am looking for input on career prospects with a BSc in Math vs. MSc in Mathematical Physics. I am also wondering about entry level positions that one could...
  38. Sakurasus

    Engineering Electrical engineer & physicist, advice on PhD astronomy

    Hello everyone, I have read a lot of the post here about being engineers and going on into astronomy or astrophysics. Thus, decided to join and ask for advice. I have a similar experience but I have a unique problem. I have an BSc in electrical engineering from a US university with focus on...
  39. B

    Guidance for online BSc in Physics

    I currently have a undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering and I would like to take up physics along with my current employment position. So I am looking for a online course of BSc in Physics. But I am not sure what university to choose and where the online courses are best. I...
  40. M

    Financial/Commodity Trading: which MSc? : Have a Physics BSc

    A programme was broadcast last week at 9pm on BBC2 entitled Traders: Millions by the Minute radiotimes.com/episode/c4y6xg/traders-millions-by-the-minute--series-1---episode-1 Of particular interest was the group of people based in London, who were being tested to determine if they had the...
  41. F

    Bsc Applied Physics, Msc Financial Maths? Worth it?

    So I've been reading that physicists are good candidates for jobs in the financial sector, and there was even huge demand for them on Wall St. a few years ago. After obtaining a BSc in Applied Physics, would it help securing a job in the financial sector by having an MSc in Financial...
  42. C

    Living in Southern Ontario with a BSc in physics

    Hi everyone, I am looking for some advice. I just graduated with my BSc in physics this June. I applied to do my physics masters, but with a GPA of 3.0 I was not accepted. I am now searching for a job, without much luck. In university I did not actively acquire hands on skills beyond my...
  43. J

    Transferring to US to do PHD from UK Bsc Physics

    Hi,everyone. I'm from asia, doing a BSC degree Theoretical physics in Imperial college London, currently finished my second year and got approximately 75% .. As an international student, I understand that very high academic achievement is needed to get any source of funding e.g. scholarship from...
  44. C

    Robotics industry with BSc or BE

    First, a bit about myself. As a future career I would like to work in the robotics industry or aerospace, building stuff. Unfortunately I failed to secure a BE position at the intended university. So I'm doing BSc Physics and Comp Sci double major. This university will be taking in 30 people...
  45. M

    How is the BTS connected to the BSC?

    Hello, I have a bachelors in electrical engineering but doing an internship at a telecom place. My opinion after 3 weeks is that the telecom industry doesn't require much science background, I feel. I started at BTS sites installing GSM and 3G (CDMA) antennas, ran feeders/fiber optics into the...
  46. L

    Job Outlook for BSc in Statistics

    Basically what the title says, how is the job outlook for a BSc in statistics, is it worth pursuing a MS in it?
  47. K

    Can you go for a PhD without a BSc?

    I'm an undergraduate studying in Greece, and all universities are closing indeterminately. Rumors is, that they will be privatized and if that happens I won't be able to remain at the university. I want to do a PhD in theoretical or mathematical physics. I have excellent grades in classical...
  48. E

    Making an Informed Choice: BSc in Engineering: EEE vs CSE

    I am now going to do my BSc in engineering in EEE or CSE... Now my question is what will be best for me... I have a good understanding of basic maths i.e. algebra,calculus,geometry especially combinatorics etc... To tell the truth combi has always been my favourite... But I find Physics to be...
  49. C

    I am BSc in Physics graduates 3 years ago - lose my knowledge

    I am BSc Physics graduates 3 years ago . After graduation I went into a totally different field "Accounting". (allow me to skip the reason here) I am so regret now. My passion is still in science and I want to return to the world of physics and hope to be a researcher or any professions in...
  50. abhishek99087

    Can I Pursue a Masters in Theoretical Physics with a 3 Year BSc?

    hello friends, i am an indian student with a 3 year BSc in physics interested in pursuing research in theoretical physics. I want to do masters from abroad. What are the countries/universities which recognise a three year bachelors degree? please guide...