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[MSc thesis ideas] Solar PV with use of quantum physics

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    I need some ideas for my MSc thesis. I am wanting it to be related to solar PV with the use of materials incorporating quantum mechanics.

    My first idea was to use quantum dots to improve solar cell efficiency, from the papers I have read there are numerous ways to achieve this, but I have yet to think of something new or updated from someone else. The prices were from < 100 - a few 100 for these materials, which can be sponsored by my uni.

    But yeah, now I am thinking of more ideas rather than sticking to one, so I can choose the best one. So if you have any ideas for a good project relating to solar PV and QM, please feel free to help me. In fact if the idea which any of this forum member posts, I will acknowledge you in my "acknowledgements" section when I publish it ^^

    My background in Physics is only from A-level, but since last summer I have been taking out Physics books and bringing up my knowledge to the required field. I am still studying QM, but since I have until the end of September to complete this project I have plenty of time, to experiment with my project and up my knowledge of Physics and QM during this year.

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    BUMP anyone thought of anything.
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    I don't have any relevant suggestions, but: is this something you've already discussed with your prospective thesis adviser? I've never heard of a Master's thesis where someone just decided completely on their own what they wanted to do a project in. Typically, you find an adviser whose interests are broadly aligned with yours, and if they agree to take you on they suggest a project you could work on that fits with the group's current research objectives. This might mean taking on a component of a larger project the group is researching, or starting something new that the professor is interested in pursuing. If you're keen on the suggestion, you accept the offer. Are you sure you are going to have the extreme amount of academic freedom that this post suggests you think you will?
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