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Multiverse and Centricity

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    If the multiverse exists as the scientists claim then do they revolve around each other?
    Can we ask which universe is at the center ?
    If not why ?
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    I'm not sure any scientist CLAIMS that a multiplicity of universes exists. It is a speculation (unsubstantiated fantasy), that some engage in.

    Very few professional cosmologists spend much thought on it. It just doesn't work into regular day to day research. So it doesn't come up much in research articles published by the astronomy/cosmology people.

    But some string theorists like the idea, and people who construct imaginative inflation scenarios. Some of them write about it.

    So I can try to answer your question based on not on CLAIMS (which need some evidence) but on the fantasies or speculations of a few people mostly outside observational cosmology.
    In fact, in all the speculations I've seen, different pieces of the imagined multiverse are NOT imagined as orbiting each other.

    However Steinhardt (also inflation scenario inventor) has a picture of a 4 or 5 dimensional unverse in which 3D branes BUMP against each other every trillion years or so. But he doesn't call the separate 3D branes "universes". The 3D sheets are part of the same universe because they can interact, that is bounce against each other. We are imagined to live on one of these.
    Again this is pretty exotic and not something that a working cosmologist would normally be considering.

    If you fancy the idea, however, you could read Steinhardt's new popular book about it called Endless Universe. Look it up on Amazon.
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    Many world interpretations of Quantum Observation also lead to Multiple Universes.
    Which interpretation of Quantum theory is widely used and why ? Why so many interpretations are required ?
    Intially I thought it was a good idea to imagine universe as baloon with 3D hypersurface.Can we extend this analogy to branes ?
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    2 manifolds could revolve around some sort of center (say center of energy) outside of the manifolds. Centers of energy can be outside manifolds, such as for a torus.
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    Define 'energy' "outside of the manifolds". :rolleyes:

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    The are a 'landscape' of possible ways the universe may have originated - and it's fun to speculate. Providing observational evidence is the hard part.
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