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Multiverse Mail Delivery System

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    I was wondering whether it would be possible for the (as of yet fictional) Multiverse Mail Delivery System (MMDS) to find me via some sort of multiverse addressing scheme. In other words, if I worked at the Empire State Building, and someone from another universe wanted to send a letter to my office, how would he, she, or it address the envelope?

    Maybe something like:
    Universe #334526, Local Group, Milky Way, Perseus Arm, Orion-Cygnus, Sol system, Terra, United States, 36 W 44th St. NY, NY, Floor 102, Office 23.

    Has galactic addressing been standardized yet, is there a wiki, manual, or subject matter expert that can speak to this?

    Knowing how semantically precise the (as of yet fictional) MMDS would have to be, it seems to me that there should be a lot of spacial coordinate designations between the "Universe #334526" part, and the "Local Group" part, like universe filament names, and galactic super-cluster names.

    Layman Fizix
    Concerned citizen of the multiverse
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    Is Universe #334526 something similar to a postal zip code?
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    Now you've got me thinking. I've never ever stopped to ponder this trivial, but still somewhat significant problem.
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    Motherhood is the invention of all necessity.... I think.
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    Good one!
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    The description "Universe #334526, Local Group, Milky Way, Perseus Arm, Orion-Cygnus, Sol system, Terra, United States, 36 W 44th St. NY, NY, Floor 102, Office 23." is probably irrelevant outside of earth's atmosphere. The context is largely locally developed.
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    You forgot to add the ZIP code to your address. How can you expect reliable delivery across the multiverse if you omit critical address information?
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    StreamKing, you are absolutely correct. I think that my absent-mindedness proves my point about needing to know the MMDS protocols. Will their response be to simply "Return To Sender"? Do you get a note in your mailbox requesting that you be more observant when addressing multiverse mail? If you are perpetually absent-minded, do you eventually have to fear the MMDS going "postal" on a planetary scale because of those "stupid humans"?

    256bits, yes, I was taking a guess as to what our universe's identification number (UID) might look like. I'm guessing that this number would be issued by the MMDS when a planet was accepted into their system, sort of like the United States Postal Service telling you what ZIP code you are in.

    Astronuc, I see your point, but that is exactly why we need to have earth-wide agreement on what we would submit to the MMDS to satisfy their delivery protocols, addressing nomenclatures, and sub-galactic locale designations - so that our locally developed context can be reliably translated to the MMDS standards.

    I would guess that most, if not all, entries in the MMDS address database were locally developed, translated, and then transmitted to the MMDS. That would save the MMDS from having to track and coordinate a staggeringly large and growing (if not infinite) number of locally developed designations, that were coded in an impossibly large number of locally-spawned dynamic languages, all derived from regional semantics.

    We're trying to put people on Mars, theorizing about what happened before the "Big Bang", and have ships in interstellar space, I think it's about time we settled down and took our rightful place among the civilized peoples of the multiverse.

    As the Washington, DC crowd is fond of saying "think of the optics". No self-respecting galactic citizen would show his, her, or its face (or faces) anywhere in the galaxy without having a business card!

    BTW, if our universe (shamefully) doesn't yet have a name, I vote for "Phillip", it's always seemed like a "Phillipy" kind of universe to me.

    PS. I vote for StreamKing as president of our local MMDS branch, he seems to have the right attitude!
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