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News Mumbai attacks: Did it have to happen yet again?

  1. Jul 13, 2011 #1

    It has happened so many times that I have seriously lost count. And tonight, once again, Mumbai has has fallen victim to terrorists.

    It has reawakened the anguish of the 26/11 attacks. The scars from 2008 have not even healed completely when we have yet another attack to handle. Innocent people are being killed just so that these people can attract some attention. Will it ever stop?
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    Re: Did it have to happen yet again?

    It's a horrible world we live in. The fact that people can think about inflicting such pain and death is despicable. My heart goes out to those who have lost family in yet another pointless waste of life.
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    Re: Did it have to happen yet again?

    Absolutely terrible. mishrashubham, do you have family of friends there?
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    Re: Did it have to happen yet again?

    The news is deeply disturbing. Hope they can catch the culprits soon and put them to justice.
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    Re: Did it have to happen yet again?

    Thank You Ryan and Evo for your concern. I live in Mumbai. Thankfully my family and friends are safe. But I have yet to speak to some of my friends who live near the blast site.

    I just cannot think of anything that justifies this action.
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    Re: Did it have to happen yet again?

    Nothing justifies such meaningless killing and destructuion.

    I hope that you and yours remain safe. It must be frightening.
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    Fortunately, There wasn't much damage this time.

    Edit: number of deaths updated from 3 to 17.
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    Despicable, that's all I can say about this. Killing innocent people to support a personal ideology is never ok. It will only generate more hatred and more violence. :frown:

    I hope the murderers are found and I hope we can bring them for justice.

    Seeing all of this meaningless violence makes me ashamed to be human.
  10. Jul 14, 2011 #9
    Are our intelligence agencies and the police getting any better? for me it appears not to be so,are they completely clueless about dealing with threat?
    Is our government doing anything solid to combat this threat?

    Or is it because India or Mumbai (in this case) is too big with too many people for intelligence agencies to work efficiently?

    The 9/11 incident was the last terrorist attack on US soil but there appears to be such thing like "the last terrorist attack" our soil ,as far as i know.
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    I have heard speculation that the attacks were initiated by the Pakistani ISI in retaliation for the USG's cutting off payments to Pakistani Intelligence. The message is supposedly aimed at the US. India is merely the unfortunate messenger.
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    However, there can be infinite speculations.
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    that seems a bit strange. it would make more sense if they simply removed some kind of restraint on a Pakistani extremist group. then they could say that they simply do not have the funds to police them.

    if true, it could get ugly, though. money is tight in america at the moment. that might prompt CIA to do that judo they do.
  14. Jul 15, 2011 #13
    The blame flatly falls on the Indian government's head. God knows how many times terrorists have hit the country; they know there will be no retaliation and thus think of India as a soft target. The incompetence of the government is truly amazing (I'm Indian btw)
  15. Jul 16, 2011 #14
    That explains the rant. It is the general mindset of us Indians and something that I am ashamed of.

    I agree that there is some fault on the governments's part but to put the blame
    entirely on them is irrational thinking. With a population as big and as poor as ours, it is virtually impossible to keep a check on every small thing.

    Small attacks like these can only be executed with the support of the locals. It is impossible for even the terrorists to carry out everything in secrecy. But the poor and uneducated people living in the surrounding villages are willing to help these people for some money. Most of them don't even realise the grave consequences. In the end it all comes back to improving education and standard of living of the people and that is where the educated people of India and our government lack.
  16. Jul 16, 2011 #15
    Yes, I agree with this, but what I am saying is that the government makes no example of terrorists we have already caught. Ajmal Kasab has not been executed till yet, and Afzal Guru seems to be a guest of the state. From the last attack it was clear that the Pakistani intelligence is always involved in attacks - but our government takes no strong stand against them. Meanwhile Maoist terror plagues the east, Pakistan continues to occupy Kashmir, China makes no secret of it's intentions in the east - all without reply. Everyone thinks India can be attacked without retaliation - that must be changed.
  17. Jul 17, 2011 #16
    Our judiciary system needs a lot of reforms it's not just about Ajmal Kasab not being put to death yet almost anything that is supposed to be done fast is done at a very slow pace i.e decisions that's supposed to be taken within weeks or months takes years and decades!!

    About Pakistan....you see it's very difficult to maintain peace and order and curb terrorism when we share a long porous and a disputed border with the country which is home to a number of anti-India terrorist groups which may or may not be enjoying support from at least a part of the Pakistani establishment, the terror groups in India like SIMI etc are known to have links with pakistani terror groups and you know that pakistan has nuclear weapons too and is getting billions of dollars of military aid from the US.. Pakistan is almost always dominated by it's military and the civilian government is not really in power,so any knee-jerk reaction from the Indian military will not be good.

    Our intelligence agencies needs to given more power and they presently are ill-equipped to deal with these problems,may be we have to take page out of the CIA's success.

    Maoist problem can get over very fast if our government uses full force of the military and stop feeling sorry for them. The Maoist terror is one of biggest hurdles for development in those eastern states for how long can our government be sympathetic to them?

    When we are talking about China we have to remember that it is a rising Communist power(and a regional bully) and is far more superior to us in military ,economy and numbers and it is becoming more and more assertive over it's outlandish territorial claims and has a louder say on the international stage, our leaders are still not sure how to deal with China and neither am i.
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    Discussion of the really big green elephant behind this is not allowed in this room..
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