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News Roflmfao bill blum gets osama bin laden's endorsement

  1. Feb 15, 2006 #1
    roflmfao bill blum gets osama bin laden's "endorsement"

    from his latest Anti-Empire Report, Feb 14:

    this is excellent! not that I agree with what osama does around the world (how could i since i don't agree with what the US does) but this is great for bill blum & the antiwar people. i saw blum's interview on cspan where he said his publisher literally doesn't have any copies of the book & has to print many more. at last blum is getting his name out there like chomsky has done! lol many of his writings, including the rest of this anti-empire report & chapters from rogue state are at www.killinghope.org

    ps- bilal have you read that book? it's great :wink:
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    I like the points Mr. Blum made, quite a few members here that make the sort of comments he endured could receive an education by reading his book. This poem is aptly relevant to their attitudes:

    We all must continually learn
    to unlearn
    much that we have been learned
    and learn
    to learn that which we have not been taught
    only thus do we and our subject grow.
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    Great analogy.. Each time you look deeper in one of those "Marvelous" acts of US imperialism you realize that they are not more than atrocities against democracy and humanity in favor of private capital corporations..
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    Hi fourier jr,

    I was banned so I could not answer...

    I did not read this book, but I will look for it...
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