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My electromagnetism waves hello :)

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    just wanted to say hi all and share a bit, as suggested when i registered.

    i try to be an original thinker. i lack formal education having quit school at 13, so i often have to express myself in ways often not traditional to science. i do the best i can and sometimes stick my nose in things that are above my head(in fact a lot is above my head).

    i have a deep rooted need to know why/how there is a thing called reality. existence doesn't make sense.

    i'm not sure most people really grasp how deep, profound and mind boggling the question "why is there something rather than nothing" is.
    i think the more you ask it in earnest, the crazier it gets.

    i view atheism as another form of dogma. i consider people like Michael Shermer to be, although a nice person, a limited, short sighted, easily satisfied thinker. as well as anyone who discounts philosophy as worthless.

    i respect people like Neil Turok and Daniel Dennett a lot.
    i wish lawrence krauss would stop throwing digs at people who don't think like him, it takes away from someone who otherwise would be a great guy.

    like everyone else, i have my own theories about many things, but they come second to that which is known.

    i'm sure i'll be posting and asking questions that will seem stupid or off base, please consider that although they may in fact be that sometimes, other times they just might simply be unorthodox.
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    Welcome to the PF!

    That has to be one of the most detailed New Member Introductions I've read! Be sure to read through the PF rules (see INFO at the top of the page) to be sure you post within the rules when asking and answering questions here. The PF is a great place. :smile:
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