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My grandmother has Plutonium in her garden.

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    More seriously, my grandmother does not have this in her garden. I am looking to know what it's imply if normal citizens were to get hold of little quantities of these.

    I am an interaction designer who needs to understand a few things about nuclear physics in order to validate some idea I have for a project. I have done my research on the internet, but everything is either too complex to understand, doesn't address the right points, or is over-simplified.
    Could you indicate me a good repository or source of simplified knowledge on the internet?

    I mainly need to understand the risks implied if average citizens were to get hold of high-level nuclear waste (plutonium, uranium).
    How easy/difficult to make a bomb? Is there a way to secure radioactive waste so it doesn't allow transformation into explosive (while remaining radioactive).
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    The transfer of plutonium is strictly controlled in the US. The average citizen does not have permission to obtain it.


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