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My latex output does not get previewed?

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    I want to preview my latex code before postin. The reason why i ask this is becaise everytime i preview the post the message says wait for the code to be generated. I have been waiting sometimes for a long time but to no avail. If instead i directly post it then the codin comes out immediately. Is there any place where i can practice this code? Can there be a new thread wherein i can practice this code..
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    LaTex does not show up when you preview a post. If you want to check your code, try this site: http://at.org/~cola/tex2img/index.php [Broken]
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    Err... This is weird. I tried out something pretty simple like \frac{1}{5}, but it doesn't generate any image, instead, an error message pops out. What have I done wrong? :frown: :cry:


    EDIT: And btw, the LaTeX preview broke down a while ago, during some upgrade for the forums, and hasn't been fixed yet.
    If you enter some invalid code, you can always edit your post by pressing on the Edit button. It's not very convenient, but a way to go. :)
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    I think it's plain [tex]\TeX[/tex] and not [tex]\LaTeX[/tex].
    Use ${1}\over {5}$ . \frac is [tex]\LaTeX[/tex].
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