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Mystery: some of my notifications/alerts sometimes disappear + ...

  1. Feb 9, 2017 #1
    Mystery: some of my notifications/alerts (≥2) disappeared today (possibly likes, at least 2 the last 30-60min ...). I' ve seen it before!
    Any idea? System malfunction? Or something.

    [Also, (I don't know if relevant) about ~18-25 days ago, around Jan 14-22, I noticed/saw:
    1. One case of a like to someone else, on my behalf, appearing (in 'recent activity' and on that post, while I was working elsewhere ! ...), without me actually doing it!
    2. Some mentors' notifications about some of my merged or deleted posts did not even appear or ever existed (?) ! ... ]

    Anyone can draw a conclussion?
    [Perhaps relevant recent situation in other similar reports, e.g. on threads of this forum, etc. ... (?)] (e.g. https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/if-something-happens-it-wasnt-me.902722/)

    P.S. Suspicion: Someone sabotaging me? I hope not. I didn't harm anyone! I'm just here for the science ...
    But I don't know ... (just a long shot, I hope not true - I don't like having "enemies" ...).

    Other ideas: hacking? ...
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    It is possible to revert likes, the alert will disappear then.

    Apart from that, it is hard to speculate what could have happened.
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    That's one possible case, I have seen it as well, but somehow I could distinguish, I think the red alert on my screen disappears too on the refreshed page, in that case. But today there was a clear red >= 2 times, with no e-mail (thus no new post, thus perhaps 'likes' or other notif. ...), which persisted after refreshing the page (while I was busy), but when I went right after to find it there was nothing there ... [Unless both times weird coincidence and timing of ~simultaneous actions ... (reverting likes e.g. one of them), or possibly system lapse [time] and delay (?) ... ]

    + I edited the previous post - see ...
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    On 2nd, more careful, consideration and memory recalling, I am not completely sure that I did in fact refresh the page as said, for at least one of the cases. So
    can with certain probability be the case.

    The other parts noticed ... I don't know what they can be. Oh well ...
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    I can give a specific example. I posted this:
    Different methods of deriving the energy-momentum equation

    A bit later I saw an alert for a reply from @PeterDonis but got a "you do not have permission to do this" message when I followed it, and the alert vanished from my alerts page when I refreshed. I guess Peter deleted something he posted by accident or something. But he replied again - and now I have no alert from either his deleted post or the response he did leave up. I only found it because I went in through the forum list.
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    What about the e-mail notification (for posts) in this case? Once sent out, they are there unaffected ...
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    I have email notifications turned off, so I don't know.
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    Ok. That would have solved your mystery though. Anyway, I think all these things happen. As long as we are not hacked or something ...
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