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Mystery Spot illusion explanation

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    How do you explain what you experience there?

    I understand it's all optical illusion. I can explain - people walking on the wall, pendulum swinging at an angle - is just a slant-walled house.

    The thing I could not explain is the relative height difference they demonstrate. The ask 2 people of different height to stand on a beam. Then they swap their position - the taller guy looks shorter and vice versa. The beam is not inclined - they prove it with a spirit level.

    Also, they show a rubber ball rolling upwards in a wooden rail. With a spirit level, they show the wooden rail is not slanted.
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    The house is slanted.
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    I understand the house is slanted and it explains most of the stuff. But they put a spirit level on the beam and the bubble is exactly in the middle.
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    Probably the beam is level, but the groove where the ball runs is slightly slanted.
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    It is possible to make an object appear to roll uphill if the track the object, such as a ball, changes in width. There was/is an old kids toy from many years ago that used this principle.

    There are two metals rods, equal in length and thickness. They are each attached to a separate hinge or axle, so that the far end, the rods can be moved further apart. The pair of rods are inclined slightly, so that the free ends are lower then the fixed ends. The object of the game was to control the free ends to allow a steel ball to "roll" uphill before falling. The further uphill, the more points.

    How it works is that even the object appears to go uphill, the center of gravity is falling as the width of the rods increase.

    I think it was called Shoot the Moon, and my parents still have it at their place. I will see if I can find when I am there next, though may be some time.

    Found a picture:
    http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/3926/314tfkn5bklss400.jpg [Broken]
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    Wow, that's an old picture! Still has pluto on it... :wink:
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    and its missing Venus, Uranus and Neptune.
    plus the Moon isn't even on it.
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    I remember playing with one of those. My uncle had one.
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