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Naive Understanding of Dark Matter and Dark Energy

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    Hello all,

    I am still an undergraduate, but I would like to ask a really naive question. From a cosmological point of view, does the necessity for the introduction of Dark Matter and Dark Energy in order to satisfy our current models of prediction mean that our models are fundamentally flawed?

    I suppose I don't understand why they must be introduced, can someone help me understand why?

    Thank you.
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    No, it does not indicate that the models are flawed at all. In fact it COMPLETES the model. Models are attempts to describe what is and dark matter and dark energy, although not well understood, are certainly part of what is and therefore have to be a part of any model that has any validity.
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    the above article has a good coverage of DE and DH.
    As well as expands on Phinds post.
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    I'd also like to add that there has been a sort of minority industry in the cosmology community that has been attempting to come up with alternative solutions to these. They have generally failed to do so.
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