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Naked Singularities and the predictibilty problem

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    i have a problem about the naked singularities which are appeared in einstine' s solution and mathematically possible ... in that i have readed that for the weak conjecture states (by the penrose and hawking singularity theorems ) that all singularities in gravitational collapse are hidden within black holes.This conjecture implies that FUTURE PREDICTIBILTY of space time outside the event horizon.The Strong conjecture asserts that no singularity visible to any observer can exist.
    2. Relevant equations
    my question is that what kind of future predictibility is meant here and why it is violating the laws of physics?and i have readed that physics will loose its prediction power....If naked sigularity exist?please help me in finding out solution of such a question which is completly beyond my thinking power.
    3. The attempt at a solution
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    please help me in finding out such a question which is completly beyond my thinking power.

    if we found you a quesiton above your thinking power. what use will it be to you ...if you wont understand it (as you say u want a queiton above your thinking power)?
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    Sorry ! there was mistake in my post.Now Help me to find out the solution of it Plz if you can
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    The idea is that when a singularity is hidden behind an event horizon, such as is the case in the Schwarzschild solution, it cannot possibly influence anything that happens in the future of a region outside the event horizon.

    However in cases where the gravitational collapse is non-spherical it is not proven but only conjectured that the singularity is still hidden. If it is not hidden then there is no future asymptotically predictable region.
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    yes ! but i want to know what kind of future prediction is meant here?either of the age of the collapsing star or what?
    Also if we can see from the distance in the naked singularities why it is suggested that the physics will loose its prediction power?i know when it is suggested but what is the basic reason to conjecture about it?
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    George Jones

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    We can't perdict what will come out of a naked singularity, maybe atomic bombs, electromagnetic energy, 17 million clones of Britney Spears, etc.

    Such things can wreck havoc with any event in the future of the naked singularity.
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