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  1. starstruck_

    Determine the singularity type of the given function (Theo. Phys)

    NOTE: Was not sure where to post this as it is a math question, but a part of my "Theoretical Physics" course. I have no idea where to start this and am probably doing this mathematically incorrect. given the function f(z) = cos(z+1/z) there should exist a singular point at z=0 as at z = 0...
  2. D

    I Is it possible to stretch a singularity?

    Hi everyone When a smaller black hole gets sucked into a larger one, is it theoretically possible for the gravity of the larger black hole to stretch the smaller black hole so that it no longer has an infinitely dense centre? I guess it won't matter once they are completely merged, but in...
  3. P

    B How do we study space-time singularities?

    I hope I am posting this in the correct forum, I am trying to better understand space-time singularities. I can find easily the basic, and advanced information on what it is and the different theories. My main question is how do scientists study these space-time singularities? Thank you for...
  4. Will Langas

    B Singularity vs. Black Hole

    What has a higher density? Black Holes or Singularities? I looked online and all I saw was that they both have infinite densities.
  5. H

    Question on Phenomena beyond General Relativity

    Hello, I'm Harry. I'm new here, hope not breaking any posting rules in any ways :) I have a question and would like to ask for some suggestions and information. The question is about general relativity or gravity and structure of the Universe in general; I know there are definitely quite a...
  6. M

    Singularities of a complex function

    Homework Statement [/B] Find and classify all singularities for (e-z) / [(z3) ((z2) + 1)] Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution [/B] This is my first attempt at these questions and have only been given very basic examples, but here's my best go: I see we have singularities at 0...
  7. J

    Is there any accessible reference to singularity theorems?

    I've read Hawking's introduction:, which are nice. I would like something that explains the other singularity theorems and how they are related to Big Bang. I've tried reading Hawking & Ellis but I can't understand most of the definitions.
  8. RUber

    Differentiating Integral with Green's function

    Hello, I am having trouble finding the proper justification for being able to pass the derivative through the integral in the following: ## u(x,y) = \frac{\partial}{\partial y} \int_0^\infty\int_{-\infty}^\infty f(x') K_0( \sqrt{ (x - x')^2 + (y-y')^2 } \, dx' dy' ## ##K_0## is the Modified...