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Naming of electron photon messon bosson proton?

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    why there is "ON" in every particle`s name?
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    There's no "on" in neutrino.

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    I believe that "on" is the Latin root of particle.

    "ino" is baby.
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    It's all Greek-ish. Started with "ion", which is the present participle of the verb "to go" in Greek, so it means "going".. the thing that moves when you have a current.

    "Electron" is a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portmanteau" [Broken]", an oil vessel)
    All the other particles ending in "-on" got their names by analogy to "electron". Also "cyclotron" ("cyclo-", circular, + "electron"), and then synchrotrons and whatnot by analogy to that.

    Then there's "neutrino" which Fermi distinguished from the neutron by applying the diminutive "-ino" ending from his native Italian. So "little neutron" basically.
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    I'd like to change my answer please... :blush:
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