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Nanoscale Science / Engineering Mathematics

  1. Apr 26, 2008 #1
    I study Engineering Physics and there are plenty of master's programmes to choose from. I'm primarily thinking about selecting "Nanoscale Science and Tech", "Applied Physics" or "Engineering Mathematics" or possibly switching to economics after the B.Sc.

    Has anyone any experience from these programmes?

    I'm not sure what I want to work with in the future, I don't study for a job, just out of interest. But I would hate to be a guy who is directly involved in consumer goods production/design. That's soul-less and boring.
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    Do what you find most enjoyable and fulfilling! I image that the courses you list would vary dramatically, but I bet you already have one in mind that you'd prefer.

    Personally, Engineering Mathematics sounds quite dull to me, so I'd go for Nanoscale Science and Tech, but then with a background in engineering physics it might be just your thing!

    Another plus for Nanoscale Science and Technology is that a slightly different field from your first degree might broaden your horizons and be helpful in the future. It's always good to think about new things.
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