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Nanotubes packed with gold let out electrons when hit by radiation

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    Tests of layered tiles of carbon nanotubes packed with gold and surrounded by lithium hydride are under way. Radioactive particles that slam into the gold push out a shower of high-energy electrons. They pass through carbon nanotubes and pass into the lithium hydride from where they move into electrodes, allowing current to flow. "You load the material with nuclear energy and unload an electric current," says Popa-Simil.(2008) online http://nextbigfuture.com/2008/03/direct-conversion-of-radiation-into.html

    Would the radiation decay the gold as expected and leave a radioactive mush or act allow charged electrons out whilst whilst not being damaged by the electro magnetic radiation? the nano tube s are self repairnig etc 'compensate the radiation damage and improve the lifetime'
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    "Radioactive particles that slam into the gold" - this is just wrong. Radioactive particles are particles that decay. What they mean there are the stable decay products of radioactive particles.
    The given power density values are inconsistent.

    I found the source article here, but the original presentation seems to be offline. It is unclear which type of radiation at which energy they used. This will influence if nuclear reactions happen, and how frequent they are. If the energy is low enough, there is no activation at all.

    Estimating to get 85% efficiency (relative to the Carnot limit) with a device that can just get 40% is ... optimistic.
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    I ignored the other post just read it and the proposed system Johnson Thermoelectro mechanical Energy Conversion System might currently be too inefficient but it seems t e a good idea essentially using the attraction to push the molecules along via pressure etc yet but without allowing the reconnection
    Do you feel the electric current created from the radioactive material decay after passing through the nano tubes and gold would affect the gold in the end e.g. store system being replaced new radioactive material etc
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