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Schools Nanyang Technological University

  1. May 7, 2006 #1
    Hi people

    I am a student from India and have just finished my 12th grade. Could anyone give me some feedback on Nanyang Technological University , Singapore. I have applied for engineering courses this year and hopefully should clear the exam (just hope so)


    http://www.alchemy-education.com/Board [Broken]
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    Well, I hope you come to Singapore, it's a nice place. :smile:

    I don't have any direct experience with NTU, because I'm an NUS medical grad. However, I can tell you that it's got a beautiful campus in a somewhat rural area (well, as rural as you can get in urban Singapore) and has a good rep for Engineering and Tech subjects.
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    Well I want to ask you something more...

    It might sound somewhat unimportant to you but I am really concerned that whether one can get vegetarian food in Singapore. I am a veggie and many people have told me that food could be one big problem in Singapore. Is it really so ????

    Where do you originally belong ??
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    Vegetarianism is not uncommon in Singapore. There are food outlets which cater to vegetarians. That should be the least of your worries.
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    I am a Malaysian graduating soon from NUS. sparsh... are you going to stay in NTU hostel? You most probably going to find vegetarian food stall in the campus canteen too. So yea... dun worry about the food. :smile:
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    You're asking the right person - I am a strict lactovegetarian (take milk and veggies only), and have been so from birth (Brahmin, etc.)

    You will have ZERO problems with Indian vegetarian food in Singapore - there are at least 20 restaurants serving nothing but Ind. Veggie food (pure veg, not mixed). I can certainly recommend you some good ones if you're interested.
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    Thanks a lot .....
    All of u have been of great help...

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    Yup If i am granted admission then i shall be staying in the NTU hostel.....
  11. May 20, 2006 #10
    hey people I got through NTU but without any scholarship. i will have to pay S$ 24420 per annum as tution fee. Is studying in NTU really worth that money. Please respond as I have to confirm my admission offer at the earliest. Thanks once again .
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    People post your NTU result at http://www.alchemy-education.com/Board/viewtopic.php?t=20 [Broken]
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    Can you apply for Ministry of Education Tuition Grant?

    http://sam11.moe.gov.sg/tass/menu/faq.pdf [Broken]
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  14. May 21, 2006 #13

    well this was not the page i was looking for. I have already read these before but what I want to know is that since I have been admitted upon condition to pay the full tution fee will i be eligible to apply for the tution grant ?
  15. May 21, 2006 #14
    Maybe you would like to call the university just to be sure. But many students in Singapore do not have the luxury of scholarship, we take up the tuition grant instead which helps to pay 80% of the fee, with the condition that we have to work with a Singapore registered company or institution upon graduation. As for the rest of the 20% there are different types of loans and bursaries available. And I think that counts as "paying the full tuition fee" although you are getting money from elsewhere to pay them... It is very rare to have student pay the full tuition fee all by his or herself.
  16. May 21, 2006 #15
    I just contacted the university today. Theyve told me that I am not eligible for any University administered scholarships ... I will have to look for some external funding for my course of study. Do you have any ideas as to where to look for scholarships ?
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    Have you considered the MOE tuition grant scheme?
  18. May 22, 2006 #17
    They are saying that am not eligible to apply for that as it is administered by NTU only..
  19. Jun 23, 2008 #18
    Hey guys. Sorry Sparsh to interrupt your conversation. Let me introduce myself. I am from India, completed my 12th from http://cisb.org.in/" [Broken] school. Awaiting for the results to come out...

    I have applied to Nanyang Technological University. Now, I have a question regarding scholarships. If I get a scholarship from the university, how much money do I have to spend extra from my side?

    Thanks in advance

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