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Narrowing searching parameters?

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    When I try to search for let's say "game theory," the server returns some threads with the word "game" and some with the word "theory." In between those threads, there will show up a less frequent occurrence of "game theory" which is what I would be interested in. So is there a way to narrow down the search such that threads with words "game" and "theory" written respectively will be found?
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    I've found the search tool here to be somewhat problematic, since it does seem to pick up individual words in a string rather than the entire string.

    One way to way to narrow a search is to go to a particular forum to limit the search range.

    https://www.physicsforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=78 (Set Theory, Logic & Statistics)

    I'm not sure of the syntax, so I tried game+theory and game AND theory. The first approach just found individual incidences of game and theory, while that latter found those as well as the string.

    One way to search PF is use Google with "Physicforums" first, followed by words or exact string, e.g. "game theory".

    IIRC, Greg posted something about the search function around here somewhere, but I can't recall where off the top of my head.
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    You would have got the correct hits if you used quotation marks: "game theory".

    However, this particular search capability is restricted to certain usergroups: Admins, Mentors, Science Advisors and Homework Helpers. I would have expected that Contributors also be included, but from waht's post, I'm guessing they are not.

    Waht, your best option then is to use Google with the following search phrase: "game theory" site:physicsforums.com
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    Otherwise, you can always try a Google search on
    "game theory" site:physicsforums.com
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    It works great with the quotation marks, that's for clarifying the syntax. PF returned right on matches on "game theory." :smile:
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    Gold members can use boolean searching.
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