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NASA finds shrimp dinner on ice beneath Antarctica

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    I am not sure if this was posted, or even if it belongs in Biology forum, but I found this a bit hinky

    Is it plausible the sample was contaminated? What are the odds of 2 life forms being in such a remote location and with no food to sustain themselves?

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100315/ap_on_sc/us_sci_antarctica_sea_life [Broken]

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    Maybe they take turns eating each other.
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    and why is it orange? shouldnt it be transparent? There is no light there, high pressure and that amphipod is orange?
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    It was the beginning of a new breed of life adaptable to extreme conditions, and we just broke the chain. :wink:
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    i think its more possible that it swap there or was carried there, or has some sort of shrimp amnesia. i think that it could have just got lost and kept swimming or something. but the fact that there are two forms of life leads me to believe otherwise. I'm sure the scientists will be doing a lot of research there until they come up with a good conclusion.
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    Well they pulled out a tentacle, and I am guessing they extrapolated the tentacle's size to come up with an estimate that it was a foot-long jellyfish. I think that deranged orange shrimp ate the jellyfish and it wasn't 2 species.. it was the shrimp and its lunch :confused:

    And another thing.. saying 600 feet below ice is not the same as saying 600 feet below water. What were the exact pressures? Maybe it was a cracked up ice from all the 'global warming' and the shrimp with jellyfish just waddled in there through the cracks and the pressure was just 1 atm the whole time?

    Since this is NASA, the research should be in public domain. Its kind of unfair that the research is paid for by the public funds and yet we have to wait for him to publish the paper taking the credit. :grumpy:
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    I agree completely with this statement, however I guess in order to keep funds they have to keep research private until they draw conclusions... so that way it looks like they are more results oriented??

    It's true though that it should all be public domain regardless of the situation (unless it pertains to something like national security etc.)
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