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NASA's new WISE Survey Results (and dark matter)

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    NASA yesterday on the 29th published a survey in which they claimed the detection of many new stellar objects. The press release continues to say this includes super-massive black holes 2/3 of which were previously undiscovered.

    This is a lot more mass than we previously knew existed. What are the effects of this on dark matter?


    EDIT The location of these black holes is unclear. I have (perhaps naively) ignored the new galaxies since dark matter is concentrated in a halo around a galaxy and thus should not be affected, but what is the location of the black holes?
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    None. Black holes make up a tiny, tiny fraction of the mass of the visible matter. The typical supermassive black hole is less than a couple percent, sometimes less than a fraction of a percent of its host galaxy.
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    Also as far as I am aware, there is an upper bound limit on the number of baryonic matter in the universe, which is where dark matter comes in.

    So even if we start to discover a lot more matter out there (ie black holes), it still won't effect this upper bound limit, and still won't effect the equations of dark matter.
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