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Giant ropes of dark matter found in new sky survey

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    Huge filaments of dark matter have been detected in a survey of thousands of distant galaxies. The discovery supports the idea that dark matter drove the formation of galaxies and larger cosmic structures and resolves a discrepancy in previous studies about how much dark matter the universe contains.

    The survey, which is still ongoing, has already covered an area of the sky around 300 times the size of the Full Moon. Astronomers led by Liping Fu of the Institute of Astrophysics in Paris, France, have analysed data gathered by the 340-megapixel MegaCam – the largest astronomical camera in the world – attached to the 3.6-metre Canada France Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) in Hawaii, US.

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    I was over at the Max Plank Institute website reading about this and their Calculated Luminosity Function. Elsewhere, quite a few people have made the same coincidental speculation about the neural network-like structure form.

    From a computation simulation point of view, neural networks are often generated by an underlying cellular automata machine architecture.
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