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Survey methodology is "the study of survey methods".
As a field of applied statistics concentrating on human-research surveys, survey methodology studies the sampling of individual units from a population and associated techniques of survey data collection, such as questionnaire construction and methods for improving the number and accuracy of responses to surveys. Survey methodology targets instruments or procedures that ask one or more questions that may or may not be answered.
Researchers carry out statistical surveys with a view towards making statistical inferences about the population being studied; such inferences depend strongly on the survey questions used. Polls about public opinion, public-health surveys, market-research surveys, government surveys and censuses all exemplify quantitative research that uses survey methodology to answer questions about a population. Although censuses do not include a "sample", they do include other aspects of survey methodology, like questionnaires, interviewers, and non-response follow-up techniques. Surveys provide important information for all kinds of public-information and research fields, such as marketing research, psychology, health-care provision and sociology.

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  1. S

    A web-hub survey to predict your best dog breed

    One of the web-hubs included a link to a survey, "20 Questions Will Reveal Your Perfect Dog Breed", at...
  2. Demystifier

    I A survey about philosophical aspects of physics

    University of Cambridge has a survey on people opinions about philosophical aspects of physics, most of which are relevant to quantum foundations. https://cambridge.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_5tetnjD2yz4mlBc?fbclid=IwAR30sREcVULBljQrtxnX2FbTfSzS_j7qvXd_UE83oWWeFVqf25W8OFYBjDM I believe many...
  3. J

    Hydrogen in the Aviation Industry -- Survey

    Hello Everyone- I'm completing my Master's Degree in Commercial Aviation. I'm conducting a capstone research project about the potential of an industry shift to hydrogen, and have created a quick survey. If you have additional insight in addition to the survey, please respond in the comments...
  4. mfb

    I Large Synoptic Survey Telescope -> Vera C. Rubin Observatory

    She might have been left out with the Nobel Prizes (she died in 2016), but now one of the next generation telescopes was named after her: The Vera C. Rubin Observatory will image all the available sky areas every few days with observations starting this year and full operation from 2022 on. It...
  5. C

    Observing galaxies: area of sky would I need to survey

    Homework Statement Given that there are 10-2 Ellipticals per Mpc3 and my garden telescope can reach to 14 mag. How large an area of sky would I need to survey to find 100 Elliptical galaxies ? (assume the typical absolute magnitude for an Elliptical galaxy is -21 mag).Homework Equations...
  6. quasarLie

    B Extracting Spectra from Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Releases 13 and 14

    Hello, What are the quasar observation criteria by GAIA and SDSS(what are the condition used by SDSS to define an observed object as a quasar), why some brilliant objects are observed by SDSS and not by GAIA? thanks
  7. M

    Literature survey - wing surface roughness effect on performance

    Homework Statement I am currently trying to do a literature survey on my project task 'effect of wing surface roughness on wing performance'. I have been struggling to find many research papers that are of a similar experiment to mine, however i have come across many that investigate the effect...
  8. Astronuc

    Mapping the ocean floor - bathymetry survey

    The search for the missing aircraft of flight MH370 has yielded information on the region of the Indian Ocean under survey. http://www.upworthy.com/amp/they-looked-for-missing-flight-mh370-for-3-years-heres-what-they-found-instead...
  9. X

    I What is the C_l in the Fisher Matrix For An CMB Survey?

    I'm trying to construct a Fisher Forecast for the upcoming S4 CMB survey. I don't understand what the C_l is in this formula. It is H(z) and the Angular Distance? Or is it some covariance matrix and if it is a covariance matrix how do I calculate it considering the experiment hasn't been done...
  10. X

    A Fisher Forecasting For EUCLID Survey Help

    I'm trying to recreate the results of this paper https://arxiv.org/pdf/1607.08016.pdf to obtain the constraints for the matter density and Hubble constant h. However every time I try to create there results my Fisher Matrix has elements of order of 10^14 which is far to high. I suspect this is...
  11. B

    Stargazing Considerations for size of telescope survey

    Hello, I am writing a (mock) proposal for gaining some observation time on a telescope. One part that I am having a hard time with is, what considerations are made when deciding how large a field to survey? Are astronomers primarily constrained by the amount of time they are likely to be...
  12. Greg Bernhardt

    Announcement Please take the 2017 PF Betterment Survey

    I know these days everyone is bombarded with companies asking for feedback, but this one is REALLY important. I can't look inside your heads to know what you think and I know many have little problems and don't want to start a whole thread on it. Now is your time. This community exists for its...
  13. DaveC426913

    What is the meaning of the JAR question type in surveys?

    I'm building a(n online) survey and the client has specified many question types, such as slider, Lickert Scale, checkboxes, matrix, radio, free text, etc. (so, the list is a mix - of question types and visual representations of answer types) The very first one on the list simply called JAR...
  14. A

    Take the Association Survey - 2 min required

    Dear Sirs, can u help me with my survey. This survey need me for my course work. It`s small association test(8 questions), if u have 2 minutes press this link: <link deleted>
  15. BubblesAreUs

    How do I import a survey into R Studio from an internet address?

    I am using R studio for a practical and I need to load a survey. It suggests that I place the following into the R template that I was provided: survey=read.csv("http://www.maths.usyd.edu.au/u/UG/IM/STAT2012/r/survey.csv") attach(survey) pulse.sf=pulse[smoke==1 & sex==2] pulse.sf Template...
  16. Astronuc

    B Outer Solar System Origins Survey, Dwarf Planets and TNOs

    "Nearly 1000 TNOs known to inhabit the outer Solar System have been discovered by OSSOS (or earlier CFEPS)." - OSSOS http://www.ossos-survey.org/tnodb.html "Started in February 2013, OSSOS is a four-year project using the MegaPrime camera, a 1x1 degree imager on the 3.6m Canada-France-Hawaii...
  17. pioneerboy

    Stargazing Is a Telescope for Asteroids the Key to Discovering New Main Belt Objects?

    Would such a telescope be useful for discovering new main belt asteroids: http://www.officinastellare.com/products_scheda.php?idProd=29
  18. pioneerboy

    I How to determine an asteroid survey efficiency?

    I read in a couple of papers about asteroid hunting that they used artificially implemented asteroids in real images to see if their detection algorithms could find them. This way, the scientists determined their asteroid survey efficiency in real data. As I don't have the resources to work so...
  19. P

    Engineering Engineering Career Survey Questions: Insights from Professionals

    Good evening, forum members... I'm currently enrolled in an Engineering class in my school and I'm considering engineering as one of my career pathways, but I would like to know the good, the bad, and the prospects of an engineering career before making a decision. I'm also interested to know...
  20. 4

    Short Survey for my EPQ on Artificial Intelligence

    Hi everyone! I'm a sixth form student currently writing an EPQ (5000 word essay) on artificial intelligence. I would appreciate it if you could spare five minutes of your time to take this short survey. I hope you find it interesting. <<link deleted>> Thank you for your time! Rob
  21. D

    Survey Results: 100 Respondents, 5 Colors - Mean, Median & Mode?

    1. hi there I am a bit confused, I am doing a survey of 100 respondents. ive asked them 5 colors to choose from ( red, green, blue, yellow and black) ive got these results from my survey of 100 respondents red = 21 green = 36 blue = 19 yellow = 10 black = 142. is my sample size 100? or 5? how...
  22. C

    How to quickly survey an exoplanet before colonization?

    Assumptions: -more or less contemporary technology -virgin planet which is glared by lustful humans ;) -habitable (oxygen, reasonable temperature) -no requirement for 100% certainty, reasonable guess is OK (the point is to find quite good place for colony very soon, not a perfect one in a few...
  23. N

    Needlestick Prevention Survey - High Schoolers Need Input

    My group and I are high schoolers working on an engineering project and need input. The project concerns preventing needlestick injuries and we would greatly appreciate anyone that takes the time to answer our survey. Thank you. << Survey link deleted by Moderator >>
  24. M

    Help Needed: Biology Survey - 30 Participants Needed

    Hello everyone. I hope this is Biology-related enough to stay on this forum. I only need 30 people to take this survey. It is 19 questions, and the information will only be used for educational purposes. If you have a chance, I would appreciate the help. :) I have posted it in two parts here...
  25. wolram

    Help Control the Rooligator Population: Take Part in the WLC Survey

    The rooligator is a voracious pest, a ( flood ) of them have been known to strip a field of oil seed rape in a single day. The rooligator is so named because of it's elongated jaw and gnawing teeth, they are the size of a large rat and can move very rapidly, science is trying to find a way to...
  26. marcus

    Deformation quantization (survey, introduction, sources)

    In case anyone is interested in DQ I came across this, which is moderately accessible in parts. http://math.berkeley.edu/~alanw/242papers99/karaali.pdf Evidently Alan Weinstein (Berkeley faculty) was teaching a graduate course Math 242 back in 1999 and put this online for his students. If...
  27. S

    How Do Survey Meters Differentiate Between Types of Radiation?

    I am familiar with detectors and some lab equipment (Scintillation, geiger counters, ion chambers) I used during my undergrad labs, but how exactly do survey meters work? I have asked some rad workers and they just tell me "it's like a geiger counter, but more". So, how do they work /...
  28. Chronos

    Calculating Mass Density of the Universe with SDSS DR10 Quasar Catalog

    The latest quasar catalog, SDSS DR10, has been released - http://arxiv.org/abs/1311.4870! Yes, I know, you can hardly contain your excitement.
  29. A

    The Future of Air Travel: A Survey on Pilotless Planes and Passenger Perceptions

    I am working on a project and more precisely about aeronautics in 2040, can you please provide me with your feedback on this survey: 0. Age : [20-30] / [30-40] / [40-50] / [50-60] / [ 60 ...] 1. Do you fear taking a plane? Yes/ No 2. How often do you take an airplane per year ( 2 way...
  30. MathematicalPhysicist

    A coherent survey of the problems in LQG and M theory.

    Is there any survey article that accounts for all the problems that are as of yet to be solved in M theory and LQG? I mean if I'll have time to dive into this field once. (I don't have a girlfriend and I don't plan to, so maths and physics will do). :biggrin:
  31. G

    Annual survey of QM interpretations

    A long time ago, maybe 6 months, I saw an annual survey of which QM interpretation people adhered to and there was a list of maybe 10 different interpretations. I tried to find it again but couldn't. I used the advanced search tool for about 15 minutes but couldn't find anything. Does anyone...
  32. Chronos

    SPT-SZ Survey Results: New Neutrino Species Suggested

    Results from the spt-sz survey are in - http://arxiv.org/abs/1212.6267. No particularly shocking revelations, however, the suggestion of new neutrino species is interesting.
  33. D

    NASA's new WISE Survey Results (and dark matter)

    NASA yesterday on the 29th published a survey in which they claimed the detection of many new stellar objects. The press release continues to say this includes super-massive black holes 2/3 of which were previously undiscovered. This is a lot more mass than we previously knew existed. What are...
  34. G

    Survey with dynamic question selection

    I am designing a survey to gather data on consumer preferences for notebooks (school club charity project). The survey will contain only 10 questions about what notebook designs they prefer. Thus, I only want them to see notebooks they are likely to want. I am not sure how to set up the...
  35. C

    Is this survey claim plausible?

    While commenting on the honesty of females, Matt Huston, a so-called 'ex-girlfriend guru', says that in some survey conducted on August 5th 1997, it was found that an average man 'grooms' with 7 different women in his lifetime while an average girl grooms with 12 men. Considering the gender...
  36. marcus

    Clear concise Loop survey as of January 2012

    Abhay Ashtekar has just posted a surehanded insightful survey of the main approaches to QG, focusing on current Loop hamiltonian and spinfoam developments. The first 8 or 9 pages give historical perspective. The next section gives a pedagogical introduction which will serve well the needs of...
  37. T

    Stirling engine survey for high school engineering class

    I am making a CNC machined stirling engine for high school my engineering class. Before I can get started I need people to fill out this survey to help me decide which design to go with. Thanks! Stirling Info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stirling_engine...
  38. Z

    Recommend me some survey books

    I am looking for some in-depth survey books that are not afraid to get technical. Say, a book like Mathematics: Its Contents, Methods, and Meaning. It goes over most topics covered in undergrad and is not afraid to get technical. I'm looking for survey books of that caliber in Physics and...
  39. Vorde

    3D Model of the 2MASS Redshift Survey

    Does anyone know of a 3D model of the data from the 2MASS Survey? I have to imagine it would be incredibly easy to code, but I haven't found one. Thank you.
  40. M

    How to deal with randomly selected people who chose not to take a survey?

    I have a question. Let's say I wanted to estimate the median income of all adults in my church. So I randomly select individual stakes and send surveys out to the presidencies to distribute to members within their stakes, otherwise known as "cluster sampling." Cluster sampling has its...
  41. Y

    Where can I find Survey of gravitational radiation theory F.A.E PIRANI

    Where can I find "Survey of gravitational radiation theory" F.A.E PIRANI Where can I find Survey of gravitational radiation theory F.A.E PIRANI I cannot find it in the library in my Univ. AND it is not available on google book. Desperate
  42. S

    Engineers, can you take this survey for me?

    Hey, For the last couple days I've been working on a project to create a database of application statistics/details of undergraduate engineering students to help future engineering applicants. I'm now at the point where I need to start collecting data for the database! If you're a current or...
  43. L

    Survey on your favorite foods and cooking shows

    Survey on your favorite foods and cooking shows :) 1. What's your favorite show on the cooking channel? 2. Also, who is your favorite chef on the channel? 3. What are your favorite kinds of things to eat? 4. Your favorite snack?
  44. Z

    Replication Method for Survey Estimation

    Hi all, What is a good way to use replication methods for estimation? For a dataset with no design information, only weighting remain. I know the basic principles of replication. Are there any considerations to use replication effectively? There is a public data of 15,000 people from the...
  45. C

    Why did you choose to study science? Survey

    I am conducting research at the University of Western Australia on why people chose to study in science and science-related areas. Part of this is an international on-line survey. The survey is for anyone who completed tertiary science (and applied science) studies after leaving school – the...
  46. Simfish

    News 6% of AAAS scientists are republican - is this survey credible?

    http://www.slate.com/id/2277104/ AAAS is definitely a left-leaning organization, so many Republican scientists probably wouldn't like it very much. So what are your thoughts? And why is Physics Forums so right-leaning compared to the rest of the scientific community?
  47. G

    Does this problem make sense? (Probability and Survey Sampling)

    Hi, I am trying to answer a question for an assignment, but am convinced that it doesn't make sense. Please see here: http://img813.imageshack.us/img813/1585/qst.png My problem is with Plan 2 in the question. The probability of selecting any of the 5 elements on the first selection is...
  48. D

    Using Sloan Digital Sky Survey to find Planets

    I was wondering if anyone here had experience using the image dataset of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Specifically, I want to find images of Mars from within their data. However, because they take one picture of the sky a night, and at a very small section of the sky, it's hard to predict...
  49. M

    Survey on Theories of Everything

    Hey all, I'm a senior in high school doing a research report on all the various Theories of Everything in physics. I'm familiar with most of them and have a basic understanding of the concepts behind them. I'm starting this thread to get a better understanding on people's general opinions on...
  50. C

    How can I design a survey to study word associations with birds?

    Hi all, I was wondering if you social science types have a particular canon or other good reference for sound survey design, i.e. minimizing confounding factors. Good sources on experimental design, in general, are also welcome. I'd rather learn to fish than just have takeout, but the survey...