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National geographic, finland, polar bears

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    Unfortunately there's no point in posting links to Finnish web sites, but I can assure you that this has drawn some attention and amusement. There is no polar bears in Finland (and in no where else in the Scandinavia either)! That is a big mistake! :rofl:

    Some Finn says something about polar bears there. It must have been taken out of context (oh well, not completely out of context, but the original question at least has been forgotten, since it obviously was not about Finland, but about the global warming in more general), after which some other people have drawn their own conclusions and chosen the video clips.
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    hmhmhmhmhmh....... or then it is a small mistake :confused:

    Everybody is laughing on the irc-channels, talking about the claims about Finnish polar bears, and similarly some web pages have reported this, and after this the video clip itself appears to be talking about the Finnish polar bears too. But now when I look it more carefully, nowhere does it clearly say that there would be polar bears in Finland.....

    From the nationalgeographic.com:
    This sentence does contain the mistake at least.

    Perhaps the total effect was just a sum of a small mistake and confusingly chosen video material? Apologies, anyway, for Finland's reaction :redface:
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