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National Parks ?

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    Hello :smile:

    How do National Parks Prevent animals from extinction ?


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    I would suggest that national parks help to protect species from extinction by controlling the (usually) human practices that placed the species under threat of extinction in the first place.
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    Or if any of the species of the animals is becoming more and more extinct or when some other new sort of species is found and it is very few in number then I tjhink that these sort of parks do help.

    And also, these parks have the whole knowledge of keeping all these animals in a very safe and protective atmosphere, away from the wild surroundings.

    I guess, in this way, they breed better
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    Who is claiming that they do?
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    Noone can prevent them from extinction but its just a platform for protecting them
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    But, as i know Carnivorous and Herbivorous animals are kept in the same place...Isn't it so?
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    I believe he is asking about National Parks, not zoos. How are National Parks not "wild surroundings"?
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    Yes, that is their natural environment.
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    Perhaps he is talking about the parks and zoos that have very proactive breeding programs for endangered species. We have managed to bring a number of wilds animals back from the brink of extinction.

    Perhaps his interest was peaked the other day about the news of the twin giant pandas shown in their incubators.
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    Hmmm. I think perhaps the OP was talking about National Parks. We do have, fundamentally, the same basic idea here in the UK. And, as I said, where any part of their purpose is the protection of endangered species, it is not the protection of the species from predators that they seek to achieve, or even need to achieve, it is very specifically human activity that they need protection from. If the area is National Park, then no-one can decide to erect a great big industrial installation in the middle of it. Or dump their toxic waste there. Or use vast acres of it for growing palm oil. Or build a gated community and start destroying the pesky vermin that eat their prize horticulture. Etc. Etc.
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    Thank you for your replies...:biggrin:
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    Errr.. can you clear up some of the speculation created by possible ambiguities in your question? There has been a lot of "maybe he means" in this thread, and I'd like to know the answer to that one for sure.
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