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National student leader? degree not needed!

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    the newly elected president of the uk national union of students (nus) has never been to university

    toni pearce gained a place at bath university, but deferred it to be sabbatical student union president of the college where she took her A-levels

    from there she became a full-time vice-president of the nus, and then was elected president, defeating (according to oxford student newspaper cherwell), an inanimate carbon rod :wink:

    (see also http://www.independent.co.uk/studen...p-to-become-president-of-the-nus-8574357.html)
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    Good for her! Guess the university saw some good leadership in her. I suppose most see the position as just an irrelevant stepping stone.
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    Having no experience of, and not being able to relate to, the people she is supposed to be representing probably sets her up well for a successful career in politics.
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