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Natural preservatives. vinegar, alcohol, sugar, salt, oil.

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    there are a lot of natural preservatives. vinegar, alcohol, sugar, salt, oil. what is the best? Is there any predominant research about this topic?
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    Re: chemicals

    It's salt. (formal) Saline itself is one of the best preservatives. Although it depends entirely on the nature of the thing you are trying to preserve.
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    Re: chemicals


    The last post pretty much summed it up- it depends on what the nature of the product you are attempting to preserve. If you would like more information on preserving foods you should take a look at "cook books" specifically targeted for preserving for advice. As for the science (chemistry/biology) behind preservation, you might want to take a look at food science books- particularly those that specialize in preserving.

    As far as primary research on food preservation you may want to try the Journal of Food Processing and Preservation (Wiely-Blackwell) [I cannot comment on this particular journal as I am unfamiliar with it]. As far as regulation of food preservation you will want to check out the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or USDA or other similar regulating agency [I am assuming you reside in the USA].
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