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Nature of Primodial Existance before bigbang

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    It is understood that the universe could be understood only from 10 -43 sec after big bang. is there any study or information about the nature/physics of primodial existance before bigbang
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    That is still a work in progress. Many ideas, but, none have observational support at present.
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    It may not even be possible to observe anything before the big bang. If so, then any ideas would forever remain unsupported.
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    Some of the idea thhat Chronos described can be found if you google some of these phrases:
    "big bounce" "loop quanutm cosmology" "Ekpyrotic" "eternal inflation" "Conformal cyclic cosmology" "Horava gravity" "can the unvierse create itself" "Baum Frampton model" "Caroll Chen Model". these are all competing ideas for what might have happened pre big bang. We dont whch are correct, maybe the correct idea is still to be discovered, maybe its one of the above.
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    Is not indefinite and singular, that is simply a prediction based upon applying Gr to the early universe. But there’s nothing to say that we can’t use a more improved theory of gravity of Gr. To say such it can’t be modelled is baseless. It has already bee modelled, here is an example:
    Of course such results might be wrong, but to say it cannot be done is without justification.
    Nor is it impossible such models can be tested in the future. Sure we are not there yet and you are right not be too satisfied. But to say something hasn’t been done yet does not mean it can’t be done.
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