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Need help fixing computer chair leather

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    I've had this chair for about 5 years, and the leather on it wore thin from lots of sitting and moving, and now the leather on the seat and part of the back is completely worn away to where the cloth cushion is showing.

    I'd like to just cover the back and seat with some kind of material (colored black to match the chair) so it doesn't look so bad. Does anyone have any ideas on what material I could buy and how to apply it to the chair?

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    Any fabric store should have upholstry material by the yard.

    For leather you can go down to the thrift or second hand clothing store and sometimes get a long leather jacket for a song. Take the seams apart and voila you have some leather to match your chair.

    You could just hem the ends of the material and use some nice looking cord to tie it to the seat or over the back from the corners or wherever necessary.

    I have done some re-uphostry jobs in my time and they turned out quite well. My mother was especiallt pleased with hers but mothers are supposed to be like that.
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    Vinyl upholstery material would be a good, sturdy option.
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    It would be sheer blasphemy to use anything other than duct tape.
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