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Need help having a problem with shooting mthd

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    need help plz having a problem with shooting mthd

    i am having a problem coding a matlab code for the given eqn

    d^2T/dx^2 - 1*10^-7(T+273)^4+4(150-T)=0
    BC T(0)=200 and T(0.5)=100

    the differential equation should be solved by
    the function ODE23, and the consistent initial condition should be found by the
    function FZERO in Matlab. I have to reduce the problem to a root finding
    problem somehow, but i just cant do it.
    plz help me
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    Re: need help plz having a problem with shooting mthd

    Welcome to PhysicsForums!

    I myself am hazy on the Shooting Method, but you may want to start here (or in your notes / textbook):

    ...And for future reference, homework questions like this more properly belong in the Engineering and Computing Science homework forum.
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